Friday, December 6, 2019

A Well Deserved Surprise

Before our son, Steve, went into full-time Christian ministry, he was a high school history teacher.  Even though he's a Senior Pastor now, he still substitute teaches occasionally to keep an outreach presence in the community.  He's on the high school baccalaureate committee, and was recently one of the grief counselors at the high school when a student committed suicide.  In recognition of his service, the Romeo school administrators surprised him yesterday by honoring him during a Romeo/Washington Chamber of Commerce event.  

His father and I are filled with gratitude as we watch him shine for Jesus in a hurting world that needs to hear the Good News that Jesus came to earth to give.  

On another subject, the residents at the assisted living facility asked me to repeat my Lucille Ball presentation when I was there for their monthly tea on Nov.  24th.  I did it for them in 2015, but there's new residents since then. Two ladies from The Daughters of Isabella [a Catholic ladies' organization] sat in on the presentation because they want me to do Lucy for their group in 2020.  They sent me the pictures below yesterday.

I LOVE chocolate covered cherries.  They go back to my childhood when I used to get a box every year for Christmas.  With the Christmas holidays approaching, I found Cella's cartons containing three chocolate covered cherries for each resident.  It was perfect to represent the episode of Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory.

Now I'm working on December 29th's presentation Images and Memories of Christmas - the Nutcracker, caroling, Christmas trees, the manger, a candlelight church service, Santa, reindeers, elves, and so many other things. What makes you think of Christmas? 

It's said deaths come in threes, and it's proven true recently... a high school classmate, a good friend we attended church with until our paths went in different directions, and a girlfriend's mother.  A cloud of gloom could prevail, but I recently read something that softens the sting for a Christian believer. 

Day 5 of the Tea Advent Calendar featured Dragonwell Green Tea - one of China's very best  green teas.  The taste was very smooth and delicate with no vegetal or grassy taste.  Best of all, the pale green liquor yielded more than one delicious steep.

Just as the month of December is getting underway with all its Christmas activities, my Tea Time magazine for January/February 2020 arrived in the mail.  I'm not ready to welcome 2020 just yet, but I did enjoy the article about Julie Andrews and her lifelong habit of tea drinking.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Congratulations to Steve! What a great honor. And you always do such a good job on your presentations, I'm sure the Lucy one was a hit again.
    I send my sympathy on the recent deaths but you are right not to let the gloom take over. For us, death is a promotion to heaven!

  2. So happy to hear Steve was honored. What a joy for him and you. Pray he continues to serve the school and especially our Lord Jesus.


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