Sunday, March 31, 2019

Last Day of March

Daughter-in-law, Sharon, and granddaughters, Brianna and Brooke are enjoying the Florida sunshine this week during spring break.  So happy they could get away and enjoy some fun time together.  Brooke posted this picture of her taken yesterday.

The background scenery is quite different from what I saw when I woke up in Michigan this morning!  All I could say was 'seriously?'

I spent yesterday putting my program together for the monthly assisted living tea.  The subject was Ireland, the Emerald Isle, so I purchased their treats while they were available at St. Patrick's Day and froze them so they'd still be good today.  The dark green bags are filled with various shades of green mint M & M's.

We started out with two tables for 11 ladies, and then had to set-up another table for five more ladies.  It was a good turnout today, and they were quite responsive.  Two ladies in the group were Irish, and one lady had been to Ireland twice.

When I got home my hubby was watching the NCAA Tournament games.  I sat down and watched the last few minutes of Duke Blue Devils vs. MI State game.  What a nail-biter.  No wonder they call it March Madness!  MI State won [barely] and will go on to the Final Four, so the guys in my family are very happy tonight!

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It's been a long time coming, but the water lines are finally going in on our church property at 30 Mile Rd. and Mound in Washington Twp.  Construction for our new sanctuary will begin soon.

Tomorrow begins a new month - April 1st.  Beware of any April Fool's Day pranks!  ;-)

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  1. So happy to hear the water lines are going in. Thankful God is blessing.


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