Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Teapots - Part II

My red teapot is the appropriate one to begin today's post, to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!  This is as close as I can come to a Valentine teapot. It's a German-made, Waechterback.  Do you have a Valentine teapot?   

I am drawn to blue and white like a magnet, so that color dominates my collection.  The three teapots [and one coffee pot] in the two photos below are flow-blue transferware repros from Cracker Barrel more than ten years ago.  

The top tea set came from Bombay store when it was still in business, and the bottom set is adapted from a Vanderbilt Sèvres tea service circa 1888 at Biltmore.  I bought it on one of my visits to the estate.

The top tea set is Blue Nordic from England, and the bottom double-spouted teapot in the Forget-me-not pattern was a gift.

L-R Top Row: Repro Currier & Ives and Emma Bridgewater's Starry Skies pattern. Bottom Row: Daughter of the American Revolution teapot picturing Memorial Continental Hall purchased at the DAR in Washington, D.C., and a Delft Blue Windmill teapot that my hubby bought me when we visited Holland, MI.  A lot of my teapots are souvenirs from trips.  They are a wonderful keepsake.

A front and back view of Rington's Commemorative Centenary teapot.  I bought it in an antique store while on a 2014 Kentucky Tea Tour.  Rington's is a tea company in Newcastle on-Tyne in England.

I was gifted with the Rington's teapot below by a lady who lives in England.

L-R Top Row: Gracie China and Sadler teapot. Bottom Row: My hubby brought the blue and white transferware teapot home from a visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at the Civil War Headquarters of General Robert E. Lee, and a re-pro flow-blow transferware teapot.

A Churchill teapot made in Romania, and a teapot I bought for my mother at a local department store many years ago.  It's stored in a tote in the basement and I'm too lazy to go retrieve it to see who manufactured it.  ;-)

The last teapot in today's post belonged to my mother.  

This second grouping of teapots brings the count to 43.  None of my teapots are highly collectible or extremely expensive, but they've been fun to collect and most of them are used at one time or another.

To be continued...


  1. Sigh...I knew you'd have lots of blue and white teapots. The Rington has a very short spout which is unusual.

  2. Love the tea pots. They all have beautiful design:)

  3. I like how you collect what appeals to you. Old is mixed with new, authentic with reproduction, classic with quirky. This to me is the sign of a lover, not just a collector.

  4. That red teapot is perfect for Valentine's Day (and July 4, and Memorial Day, etc. etc.) And of course, I love the blue and white ones. It's fun when they have special memories attached. I'm enjoying seeing your collection.


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