Friday, November 18, 2016

A Trip to Israel

My hubby is planning a two week trip to Israel soon with one of our sons.   One of Jerry's birthday presents was shekels [Israel's currency].

Curious about Israel's tea culture, I did some research and discovered Wissotzky Tea is an international, family-owned company in Israel since 1936 [it was founded in Russia in 1849]. It's the leading distributor of tea in Israel with headquarters in Tel Aviv, and it's largest plant in Galilee.  

QVC sells Wissotzky tea chests, and back in 2002 I purchased one through a friend and blogged about it in February 2013.

Research revealed most of the people in Israel prefer herbal infusions to tea made from the camellia sinensis plant.  Spearmint is a favorite, but lemon verbena and fruit-based infusions are the most popular.  Coffee is also very popular. 

Naaman Porcelain is an Israel-based dinnerware and linen company so maybe Jerry will be able to find a teacup to bring back.

Anyone been to Israel and have a recommendation on what I should ask him to bring back?

Safe and happy travels, Jerry and Steve!

They are looking forward to walking where Jesus walked and being baptized in the Jordan river as He was.  It'll be the trip of a lifetime, and they'll probably never be the same after such a wonderful experience.


  1. I'm no help on recommendations, but I'm sure he will find something tea-related to bring home!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip, safe travels to Jerry and Steve.


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