Friday, July 29, 2016

Tea Themed Note Cards

I recently received a beautiful tea-themed note card in the mail, and the sender graciously told me where they could be purchased.

I'm always grateful when I read on blogs or Facebook where tea related items can be purchased, so I'm sharing the note card details with you today.

They're made by Papyrus and come in a beautiful gift box, with 12 note cards, 12 lined envelopes and 12 envelope seals.

The note cards are 5" x 5 ", and can be purchased at Meijers for $18.95.  I bought one box for a gift and one for myself.

And because everyone should enter the weekend with a smile on their face I'm sharing a photo of a "teacup holster" I saw on Facebook yesterday.  I've blogged about my six teacup carriers, but this is the first I've seen a teacup holster.  With a little research I discovered it's a Steampunk teacup holster.  In case you get the urge to acquire one, Etsy has them for $40! ;-)

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  1. I have those same cards - well, almost out of them now......and that teacup holster is hilarious. Go, sippers, go! : - )

    Have a splendid weekend! Hugs! ♥


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