Monday, March 14, 2016

Remembering Nancy Reagan

While watching former First Lady, Nancy Reagan's funeral on television last Friday, it seemed fitting that I should honor her on my blog today.

Anne Frances "Nancy" Robbins Davis Reagan
~ 1921-2016 ~

[Internet Photos]

Nancy's favorite color was red, and from the first scarlet Adolfo ensemble she wore on Inauguration Day 1981 the color would come to be known as 'Reagan Red'.  She once said she liked red because it was a 'picker-upper', and images abound on the Internet of her wearing red.  It was definitely her signature color.

~ Inauguration Day 1981 ~

She and Ronald Reagan wed in 1952, and were married 52 years when he died in 2004. 

~ She was 5'4" and wore a size 2. ~

~ Red Room at the White House ~

I found a few Internet photos of Nancy drinking tea.  Below she and Princess Michiko are drinking tea in 1987.

Below she's having tea with Raisa Gorbachev in Geneva, Switzerland in 1985.

In the book, TEA with Presidential Families, the authors state Nancy hosted many intimate teas in the Red Room, Green Room, and Yellow Room of the White House.

The Lenox china she picked out for the White House is encircled by a scarlet red and gold band.

Red was used throughout the Reagan's private quarters on the second floor of the White House. Below she and the President were eating dinner on [silver] TV trays while watching TV in his study. Furnishings in that room were personal belongings they brought to the White House.

She did much to make the White House a home our nation could be proud of, while at the same time making it a comfortable home for the president and herself.  Despite those efforts, she said the eight years in the White House were the hardest years of her life.

Together she and 'Ronnie' lived an exceptional love story.  He said Nancy saved his soul, and she said her life didn't begin until she met him.

The photo below was one of the last public photos taken of President Reagan as Alzheimers began to take its toll.  It was in 2000 on his 89th birthday.  Nancy gave him the same love and devotion during his journey through Alzheimers, as he received before.  

~ Parted by death ~

She popularized a quote that Eleanor Roosevelt said years earlier...

Rest in peace, Mrs. Reagan.  May you live in Heaven eternally with Christ our Lord... and your beloved 'Ronnie.'

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  1. Nancy certainly looked good in red! I love the red-rimmed china she picked out, too.

  2. That was a lovely tribute. She was very classy, and their genuine love for each other was great to see. Red is a favorite of mine, too. A signature color in my home as well.

  3. Dear Phyllis:
    I have to say she was so tiny! I can't imagine size 2 but also she had the perfect shaped face - an oval. Very few women are so lucky to have an oval face. I enjoyed your tribute Phyllis and as always - would love to have you link to my blog party.

  4. A lovely tribute to Mrs. Reagan. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I didn't know her favourite color was red. The china is gorgeous.

  5. Nancy was a very tiny, attractive and classy lady. I love red too and I agree that it's a pick-me-upper. This was a lovely tribute to her and her hubby too. They were a very special couple and I certainly admired him as President. Her china is lovely and I love the way she decorated the TV room. Thank you for sharing this with us and have a beautiful day, Phyllis.


  6. That is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  7. Thank you for this lovely tribute to Nancy Reagan.



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