Monday, January 25, 2016

A Tardis Tea Party

Dr. Who is a British TV program about an extraterrestrial Time Lord who travels through time and space in the spaceship TARDIS [Time and Relative Dimensions in Space].  The spaceship resembles a blue police phone box.

I'm not a big science fiction fan, so Dr. Who probably wouldn't be my cup of tea [although I've never watched it].  I do, however, love tea parties and any occasion for having one.

The Yahoo international tea e-group, Afternoon Tea Across America [ATAA] - of which I am a member - currently has a Tardis teapot traveling around the country, residing at a member's home for a month and then moving on to another location.  A blog chronicling the activities at each location has been established [].

The Tardis recently arrived at the home of Martha, in Orange County, CA after spending a month in rural Ohio.  

Martha, an extremely creative person, wanted to give Dr. Who and the Tardis teapot a special welcome, but ATAA members are so geographically diversified it wasn't possible for everyone to gather at her house.  So she implemented an alternative plan, and mailed out a "Tea Party in a Box" to several members enabling welcoming parties to be held last Friday [1/22], at multiple locations. 

I was one of the recipients of Martha's "Tea Party in a Box".  An invitation to participate accompanied the box containing a tin of The TARDIS Blues tea, Jelly Babies candies, and a Jammy Dodger Biscuit [cookie], favorites of Dr. Who.

The tin of TARDIS Blues tea is blended by Adagio Teas based in Chicago, IL.  There are several teas in the Tea Stories series.

The TARDIS Blues is a blend of black and oolong teas flavored with apple pieces, rose hips, hibiscus, natural almond, blueberry, and passionfruit flavors, safflower, cornflowers, and marigold flowers.  Each tin holds enough tea for 5 cups.

Below is a closer look at the tea.  The aroma was delightful, and the taste was good too.

Martha sent each of us a tea party reminder on Friday morning. I fixed my oatmeal breakfast and cup of TARDIS Blues tea, and ate at my computer desk so I could read about the Tardis activities. 

When it was time for the afternoon tea party, I switched from a casual mug to  more suitable china using a Royal Albert English Chintz trio. The Jammy Dodger Biscuit [shortbread with jam filling] was great with tea, and the Jelly Babies were the perfect ending to the "Tea Party in a Box." 

What a fun way to spend a wintry Friday.  Thanks for all your creative planning, Martha! Who among my readers watches Dr. Who?


  1. Martha is a very creative "hostess with the mostess." This was a fun event for all participants.

  2. Very fun! That is perfect!

  3. I've been a Doctor Who fan since the 1970s and will be hosting the TARDIS teapot in March. I'm looking forward to it.

  4. We love Dr. Who and as a ATAA member also, I've had great fun watching the Tardis Tea pot on its travels!


  5. Enjoyed taking part in the Dr. Who tea party. Thanks to Martha.

  6. Oh my, what a fun tea! Tardis' twin is currently lodging with me here in western Canada, and will be posting soon.

  7. So happy that you enjoyed the tea twice on the party day, Phyllis. Your chintz tea cup and saucer are so pretty. It's special to read comments here of others enjoying it as well.
    The pleasure was mine...I had a wonderful time!

  8. What a fun Tardis Tea party, Phyllis! Your tea for one was done in such pretty style!

  9. I've never watched Dr. Who either, so thank you for explaining the Tardis concept to me. I don't feel so out-of-the-loop now!

  10. Great fun! Interesting Tardis concept. I do love drinking teas in different locations, that sound lovely to me.

  11. What an interesting tea. Fun and Perfect!


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