Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mom's Viewing and Interment

Today was my mom's private viewing and interment at Great Lakes National Cemetery.  It still doesn't seem quite real that she's gone.

As I was sorting through her things I found a bundle of letters my dad had written to her when he was stationed overseas during World War II.  I invaded their privacy and read one letter [well...actually two!].  He told her how he couldn't wait for the war to end so he could hold her in his arms again...that he knew how difficult it was for her being alone with two small children...and that he was going to make it up to her when he got back home by getting them a new little house [which he did!].  

She saved the letters for 69 years, so it just seemed fitting that she should be buried with them, still bound with the blue satin, time-stained ribbon.

Her interment is in the same grave as my dad's. [He's on the bottom since he passed first, and she'll be on top.]

Later in the afternoon when I returned home, a beautiful teacup floral arrangement was delivered from my girlfriend and her family.  Thanks, Sandy!  My mother's middle name was Rose, so the arrangement of roses was very appropriate.

Some family members are out-of-town until next week, so a Memorial Service will be held for my mom on August 27th.  Below is a photo of three of my grandchildren who were present at today's viewing.  Their great-nana would have been so pleased they were there.

[L-R:  Brandon, Tiffany, and Marissa - my daughter's children]


  1. I love the story about the letters and am so pleased you at least took a peek before placing them with your mother. And I love knowing your mom's middle name was Rose!

  2. How very special to put the letters with your mother. A love that endures on earth for 69 years is amazing - and even more amazing that they are reunited for eternity in heaven! And what a beautiful and appropriate floral gift. Prayers continue for you and your family.


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