Thursday, July 4, 2013

Two 4th of July Birthday Celebrations

Happy 237th Birthday to the United States of America!  

While looking through the June/July Family Fun magazine recently, I saw a photo entitled, "Breakfast of Patriots."  It looked pretty, tasty, and easy, so I made it for breakfast today.   Directions said children could even make it 'independently'!  ;-)

One piece of toast spread with soft-spread cream cheese, with stars [blueberries] and stripes [strawberries] pressed into place.  Enjoyed with a cup of  tea.  How easy is that!

Happy 4th of July!
God Bless America!

Today is also my sweet granddaughter, Ellie's, 'First Birthday.'  

I found the perfect card for her!

And I happily bought her first tea set.

Now if only I could have found a patriotic sundress with a red/white/blue teapot applique. Instead I had to settle for butterflies!  ;-)

Let's party!

Ellie and Mommy [daughter-in-law, Samantha].  Can you tell she just woke up from a nap and wasn't quite ready to be photographed?  ;-)

 Papa, Ellie, and Nana

Aunt Lori [my daughter], and Ellie

Enjoying the swing. 

Daddy [youngest son, Jeremy] and Ellie - She's not quite ready yet to start walking.

Sampling her first birthday cake! 
[You know this topless photo is going to embarrass her someday! ;-)]

Where's the Wet Wipes?

The birthday girl with big sister, Izzy, and big brother, Landon.

Tiffany [my first-born granddaughter], with Ellie [my last-born granddaughter]. 

What a fun day making memories!


  1. Happy 4th and Happy Birthday to your little one. I have the first tea set waiting for my grandson too, but no pink frillies for him.

  2. Cute breakfast idea! And what a sweet birthday celebration. Yes, I gave my granddaughter her first tea set for her first birthday in May. It's what tea-loving grandmothers do!

  3. Oh lucky you to have little ones to enjoy! You have a delightful family! Hope you had a fun 4th of July! We had family over for a cookout and the weather was great! 90 degrees here today and thunderstorms forcasted. Looking forward to your Sunday post!


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