Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here Comes the Sun!

On Tuesday of this week, my girlfriend, Lori, and I returned to O'Mara's restaurant in Berkley, MI for their June theme tea, "Here Comes the Sun!"  Another friend joined us, and we spent a lovely afternoon together.  44 ladies and 1 gentleman were at Tuesday's tea. It's so exciting to see the teas being supported by increasing attendance each month.  It reminds me of that line in the movie, Field of Dreams - "If you build it, they will come!"

Our place settings had bright, sunny, yellow napkins! 

The flowers on our table were sunflowers - my favorite flower!  

All three of us wore hats for tea time!

L-R:  Linda, Me, and Lori

The yellow rose teacup was at my place setting and I chose Peaches and Ginger black tea.

The teacup below was at Lori's place setting and she chose a Lemon Herbal Tisane.

Our soup was Yellow Corn Cheddar Chowder, and was delicious!

Chef Anita did a demonstration on preparing an Edamame [soy bean] Salad while we enjoyed our soup course.  [The salad was part of our tea meal.]   Eating soy beans was a first for me, but they were quite good with the citrus dressing that Anita made.  Michigan's auto magnate, Henry Ford, was big on soy bean consumption.  He felt they should be a part of every meal, so he would have been pleased to see them on the tea menu! ;-)  

Next came the savory course on a three-tiered server.  The top tier had Apple and Boursin Cheese Sandwiches on Walnut Raisin Bread.  The middle tier sandwiches were Egg Salad with Yellow Mustard, Bacon, and Cheddar on White Bread, and Ham with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Spread on Wheat Bread.  The bottom tier had a Tomato Basil Sandwich on White Bread, and an Artichoke & Lemon on Wheat Bread.  All were very tasty.

The main course was an Edamame Salad in a Phyllo cup, with Honey Lemon Basil Dressing.

It was followed by a plate of Brie in Puff Pastry with Thyme, and Fresh Fruit and Crackers.

Dessert was Lemon Poppy Seed Scones, Popovers with Honey Butter, and Chocolate Covered Pineapple.

I'm not sure what July's theme is going to be yet, but whatever it is, I know it'll be good, and I'm looking forward to it!   Thank you, O'Mara's, for providing such a wonderful Afternoon Tea!


  1. Thanks so much for the review. I have added O'Mara's to my tea wish list.
    Sips and Smiles,

  2. I must say you have had some wonderful tea's here. How fun to take advantage of such a wonderful event. The food looks amazing.

  3. Don't you all look pretty in your hats! And I absolutely love edamame, so this would have been my favorite O'Mara's tea yet. So pleased to hear it is continuing to grow!


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