Monday, October 28, 2019

Lucille Ball Presentation

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today after a whirlwind weekend, but I got through it and that's what's important.  Thankfully I'm off work today and can rest up.

The Lucille Ball presentation for the Friends of the Warren Library last Saturday went well. They told me on Friday night that they had extended the count to 140 attendees - mostly women but there were a half-dozen or so men present who were Lucy fans.  It's incredible that 30 years after her death she is still hugely popular.

The event was held in the cafeteria of the Warren Community Center [former Warren Consolidated High School that closed in 1992].

Photo below shows just one section of the cafeteria.  It was filled with attentive and responsive attendees.   Tea and sweets were served.

I don't have a large collection of I Love Lucy memorabilia.  If I keep getting requests to speak about her I'll have to work on increasing it. I especially wanted the I Love Lucy television teapot, but that was for my tea passion.    Lucy wasn't a tea drinker - coffee was always in her cup.

I prayed I'd get through my presentation without coughing, and I only had to stop once to take a sip of warm tea and put a cough drop in my mouth, and then I was good to go.   It was a 50-minute program.

My sweet girlfriend, Lori, surprised me and came even though she's heard me talk about Lucy once before.

Lynn Anderson, a local fashion curator and collector of vintage clothing, came dressed as Lucy with her bottle of 'Vitameatavegamin' from the Season 1 [1952] episode 'Lucy does a TV Commercial.'  Her girlfriend, Rose Anne was Ethel.

We didn't get to take pictures of all the memorabilia that attendees brought but we got some.

This couple drove 3 hours - from St. Joseph, MI on the western side of the state.  Now that's really a Lucy fan!  She had her I Love Lucy purse that her hubby bought her, and she said he was a fan first, and then got her hooked on Lucy.

There were children present who watch the I Love Lucy reruns [or DVD's]. A new generation of Lucy fans.  One attendee told me her mother came to live with them from Italy in the 1950's.  She didn't speak a word of English, yet she loved watching I Love Lucy.

It was a fun day and Sunday was another presentation on an entirely different subject.  


  1. Gosh this looks like so much fun! No wonder it was so popular.

  2. Congratulations on a job well done. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. What fun to have "Lucy and Ethel" attend your presentation! I'm glad it was so well attended and I certainly hope you've gotten some rest and are feeling much better.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day at your Lucy program.

  5. Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!


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