Tuesday, October 29, 2019

50th Birthday Celebration

Sunday was a non-stop day beginning with church, then going to Shore Pointe Assisted Living to give a presentation at the resident's monthly tea party.  My topic was the Fashions & Accessories of Downton Abbey.  

I shared three of the fashion houses that the Crawley women [and other real-life ladies] would have purchased their high-end garments from:  The House of Worth - Charles Frederick Worth is considered by many to be the father of haute couture.  Lady Sybil liked the designs of Paul Poiret - the French designer who American women called "The King of Fashion". Among his creations are the harem pants that Lady Sybil wore.  And lastly, Madame Lucile or Lady Duff Gordon.

We talked about jewelry [the choker/dog collar necklace that Queen Mary always wore], sautoirs [long single strand necklaces], and, of course, tiaras.  Hats [mainly cloche and wide brimmed], gloves, purses, shoes, hand fans, and undergarments.  Corsets evoked the largest response from the residents - they all remembered the restrictive corsets their mothers wore.

Regrettably, I didn't take a single picture, and the facility was decorated so beautifully for fall.

My hubby doesn't usually go to my presentations, but immediately following Sunday's program we left for Marysville, MI to meet-up with our family to celebrate our son, Steve's, 50th birthday.  

We were the first to arrive at River Crab / Blue Water Inn on the St. Clair River.   It's a very nice restaurant and the place Steve chose when we took him and Sharon out for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

There were 13 of us - the only ones missing were Lori's three children [now adults with families and activities of their own].  We enjoyed a wonderful evening together, and I'm overwhelmed with how quickly 50 years have sped by.  I clearly remember the night Steve was born, and am so thankful for his life.

~ Lori and Dave ~

~ Landon, Jeremy and Steve ~

~ Steve and Sharon ~

~ Sharon and Brianna ~

~ Ellie, Samantha, Brooke and Izzy ~ 

~ Dad and Mom ~

I'm so blessed with the family God has given me!   Jerry left a while ago for Chelsea to attend Landon's last football game of the season.  I stayed behind - still in recuperation mode but I'm making progress.

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  1. You have such a lovely family! Happy Birthday to your son. The time does pass so quickly, doesn't it?


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