Monday, July 22, 2019

Lori's Birthday Teas - Conclusion

Lori's 7th birthday tea, and the last one I hosted, was in 2013.  The theme was Gone with the Wind.  I wish I knew then what I know now, because I could have been more creative.  I visited the Gone with the Wind Museum in Marietta, Georgia in May 2018, and have a couple of theme cookbooks and additional memorabilia now.

Invitation Cover


Menu Card

I used Rhett and Scarlett commemorative plates as part of the tablescape.

Gold tassels as napkin rings represented the tie-backs on the green velvet drapes/portieres that Scarlett ripped from the window to make the dress she wore to visit Rhett in jail to seek his financial assistance.

Favors were a four leaf clover charm since the O'Hara family was Irish.

Hot tea was Irish Cream [Black Tea]
and Iced Tea was  Sweet Georgia Peach 
Scones were Emerald Isle Cream Scones with White Chocolate Chips and Peach Preserves. 

 Scarlett's Carrot Soup with Cheese Wafers [Lady Bird Johnson's recipe]

I chose savories that I thought might have been eaten at the barbecue Scarlett attended at Twelve Oaks:  Barbecue Sandwiches with Coleslaw, Melanie's Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Ashley's Sweet Potato Angel Biscuits with Country Ham, and a Deviled Egg.  In the little glass cup was a Georgia Peanut Salad.

~ Dessert was Rhett's Praline Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce ~

We played a fun Gone with the Wind Quiz after we ate.  One of the questions was:  The liquor used in making Gone with the Wind was really what?  [a] Tea  [b] Cold weak coffee or [c] plain water died brown.  The answer [a] tea.

Unfortunately, Betty had fallen and suffered a serious injury so she wasn't able to join us at this tea party but Ruth was there, along with Tiffany, and Lori's pediatrician doctor friend, Melissa.

I bought the scrapbook album pictured below to put all the tea party pictures in for Lori, but as yet it's a project waiting to happen!

If I can get my act together between my job and a tea I've scheduled at church on September 7th, I'd love to host another tea party this year. A Downton Abbey theme would be fun.  Lori and I both loved the Downton Abbey PBS Series, and we visited Highclere Castle in 2015.  It would be great to have the tea party right before the Downton Abbey film is released on September 20th.  I saw there's an 'official' Downton Abbey cookbook that will be released in September too, but I think I can pull off a theme menu without it since I already have several Downton Abbey cookbooks.  My mind is swirling with ideas.  I'll keep you posted.   


  1. Another fun tea! And I expect you'll pull some wonderful ideas out of that "swirl" to plan a Downton Abbey tea for this year.

  2. So many beautiful tea’s! I enjoyed this so much! 💕


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