Friday, September 21, 2018

The Whitney and More...

I have 11 days under my belt at The Whitney, and it's beginning to feel like my home away from home!  I'm thoroughly enjoying my job.

Yesterday my girlfriend, Lori, and another friend from church, Cindy, came to Afternoon Tea.

Lori took a picture of me pouring tea for Cindy and sent it to me.

When I went to work today Mr. Whitney's bedroom was all set-up for a 5:00 o'clock wedding.

Fireplace in his bedroom.

His closet where I store my tea things.

The Reception and Drawing Rooms were filled with a Women's Forum group that meets at the Whitney once a month, so Afternoon Tea was served in the Music Room today.  Below is the Afternoon 'Tea Tower' with savories and desserts before it left the kitchen.

Tomorrow is a noon Autumn and Apples Tea at the mansion with a program by Mary Jones, the tea blender for the Whitney.  A wide variety of apple based teas, ciders, and warm cocktails will be served with a 4-course harvest luncheon that will emphasize Michigan apples.  The cost is $70 per person and includes tax and tip. I was invited to meet and mingle with the guests, but I'll be cloistering myself in my office on Saturday to work on my last program for the assisted living facility.

The monthly tea isn't until September 30th, but this is my only weekend to work on it.  The theme is School Days - the 3 R's.  I found my kindergarten and 1st grade class pictures to show the residents.  A lot of water under the bridge since these pictures were taken, and the classroom is so different from today's classroom, but we learned the 3 R's in them just fine.

I'm the first one in the first row on the right.  My teacher's name was Mrs. Daniels.

I found a Dick and Jane book at an antique store like the one I learned to read from. Anybody remember Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff?   This theme inspired me to write my favorite teacher that I had in 3rd and 4th grade.  She retired to Tennessee and is in her 80's now, but she made a long-lasting impact on my life.  Did you have a favorite teacher?

Now that I'm a working girl again, I'm no longer able to go to estate sales, but I still get the e-mails and look at the pictures of items for sale.  Last night I saw a 55-cup Farberware stainless steel urn at a sale not too far from my house.  My hubby went in my place and was #2 in line.  He got it for a bargain price of $20. [I would have paid up to $50.]  It'll be perfect for large teas at the Whitney.

Have a nice weekend everyone and Happy Fall since it's 'officially' here on the 23rd!


  1. It sounds like you really love your new job! And what an adorable school picture. At my school we learned to read with Tom & Betty and their little sister Susan. We must have had books from a rival company.

  2. See Spot run! Yes, I do remember those books. Love your photos, too. You'll do another great presentation, I'm sure. And the tea goodies at The Whitney look delicious. I'm glad you can send your husband to do your Estate Sale shopping for you. He's super!

  3. Don't you look so pretty at your new job, Phyllis! You are one busy lady. Yes, I remember Dick and Jane. How sweet that you found a copy. The September theme of School Days will be a fun one.


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