Friday, September 14, 2018

Another Day at the Whitney

I promise all my posts going forward won't be about The Whitney, but I had an opportunity to take a few more pictures today that I thought you might enjoy seeing.

Today was a private tea party for a lady named, Connie, who celebrated her 102nd birthday. She was so perky and alert, and definitely didn't look 102.  She came from England, so honoring her at Afternoon Tea was the perfect way to celebrate.  The private tea party was held in the Reception Room, next to the Drawing Room.

~ Main entrance to The Whitney ~

~ Great Hall, looking towards the Music Room ~

Below, a picture of David Whitney, Jr. hangs in the Great Hall.  Sadly, he only got to live in his beautiful mansion six years before he passed away at the age of 70.   Both he and his wife died in the house, so there are lots of tales about their spirits inhabiting the second and third floors, as well as the elevator. One employee told me she was afraid to go into Mr. Whitney's bedroom closet because she has a fear of getting locked inside it.  Yikes!  That's where I store all my tea things.  I enter it multiple times everyday.  So far, his spirit hasn't bothered me.  ;-)

~ The Grand Staircase ~

Below is the area where I prepare the tea.

On another subject... thoughts and prayers go out to those in the path of Hurricane Florence.  Last year at this time I had to cancel the Southern Belle Tea Tour due to Hurricane Irma, and now residents in multiple states are reliving the same nightmare with Hurricane Florence.  I complain about Michigan's lengthy, cold winters, but I'll take the snow anytime over devastating hurricanes. 

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  1. How wonderful that the 102 year old lady could have a tea in such a beautiful place! I expect Mr. Whitney would be most pleased that his home is still being used and loved, I don't think I'd worry about getting locked in the closet. :-) I join you in praying for those affected by the hurricanes, fires, etc. all over.


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