Wednesday, July 5, 2017

An Eventful 4th of July

My hubby and son, Steve, left on Monday morning for a week-long father/son trip. Their first stop was Chicago to watch a Chicago Cubs baseball game.  Steve sent a couple of photos from their 4th of July, enjoying yummy Chicago deep-dish pizza, and playing catch!

Before going to granddaughter Ellie's 5th birthday party, I got a call from my first-born grandchild, Brandon, saying he and his girlfriend, Vanessa, became engaged. The wedding is set for November 11th, of this year. He texted me a picture of the engagement ring [below]. The most recent photo I have of them was taken on Christmas Day 2016. 

My daughter picked me up at 3:00 o'clock, and we were off to the 4th of July/birthday party. The combination party is always held at my daughter-in-law's sister's house. They have a huge backyard that's more private than a park and much nicer with its above ground swimming pool, swings, basketball hoop, and more. Below is the birthday girl, Ellie, in her swimsuit when we first arrived.   It was a picture-perfect day in Michigan with temperatures in the mid 80's.

~ Lori and Me ~

~ Lori and my youngest son, Jeremy ~

Jeremy and his son, Landon [Left] and Lori and my granddaughter, Isabella [Right]

Daddy and Daughter [L], and Ellie having fun on the swing [R].

~ Birthday Cake Time! ~

Jeremy, Samantha and the kids.  Landon had just finished eating a blue snow cone, hence his blue smile!  ;-)

Ellie enjoying a piece of her b-day cake, and opening her presents.

Simultaneously in Lansing, MI granddaughter Tiffany, husband John, and great-granddaughter Evie, were celebrating the 4th of July.  It's Evie's first 4th of July, but the noisy fireworks weren't going to keep her awake with those baby earmuffs!  She was six weeks old yesterday.

Hope you had a happy 4th of July!


  1. What a wonderful day full of family!

  2. Your fourth was full. Congratulations to Brandan and Vanessa. Ellie looks like she is having a great birthday.

  3. Happy birthday to sweet Ellie! Her party looks like great fun. And little Evie is precious, sleeping with those headphones on. Another wedding coming up - how exciting! You never lack for things to celebrate, with your wonderful family.

  4. Loved seeing all these great photos, including your newly engaged grandson! And I also LOVE your patriotic top -- one of the prettiest I've seen this year!


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