Monday, November 16, 2015

Vintage Blue Willow Condiment Set

My granddaughter, Tiffany, called last Friday to say now that she's married she'd like a vintage ceramic Christmas tree like mine.  I had recently seen pictures of one at a local estate sale, so Saturday morning my hubby and I went to see if it was still there. Unfortunately, since it was the last day of the sale, someone else had already purchased it. I'll be keeping my eyes open, however, and hopefully my chances are good for finding one.

The estate sale wasn't a total loss.  My eyes are always drawn to blue and white dishes, and I spotted a 7 pc. vintage Blue Willow condiment/cruet set.  The living room shelves are filled, so it's got to be unique before I'll consider adding anything new. The condiment set fit that criteria, and everything was 50% off since it was the last day of the sale.  It was originally marked $50, so $25 was a bargain!

It was in great condition, so my hubby bought it, and it now resides among the other Blue Willow pieces.

There are four listed on E-bay right now ranging from $50 to $160,  so we're happy with our bargain.


  1. Great find! And I hope you will find a tree for your granddaughter, too.

  2. You can find the ceramic Christmas tree at Vermont Country Store on line, I think.

  3. I love it!!!! What a unique set. I have always loved Blue Willow. My sister had a metal toy set. I only have 2 antique pieces, but I have place settings for about 10. These were bought at Green Stamp Store, Danners or Krogers. We use Blue Willow as our every day dishes! My daughter found glasses to match at a store in Texas last year.

  4. this set is a very nice addition to your collection!


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