Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Michigan Depression Glass Show

I recently received a postcard from the Michigan Depression Glass Society informing me of their upcoming Depression Glass Show, on November 7 & 8th.  

I had a baby shower to attend on Saturday, not too far from the location of the glass show, so I decided to attend the glass show first, then the baby shower.  This was my third consecutive year to attend the show, and it never disappoints.  It was the Michigan Depression Glass Society's 43rd show.

There were 25 dealer booths, and the theme this year was celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Pyrex Glass and Fostoria glass in the 'American' pattern.

Below is the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center where the show is held.

The doors opened at 10:00 a.m. and I got there shortly before 11:00 a.m.  The showroom was bustling with people.  

Fostoria display of American glass.  I only have two pieces in this pattern - a footed plate that my hubby and I received as a wedding present, and a domed butter dish that was my paternal grandmother's.  

~ Pyrex Displays ~

~ Dealer Booths ~

~ Fenton Glass ~

My plan was to look and admire, but not to buy anything until... I saw a pink depression glass pitcher with six footed [7 oz.] goblets in the Tea Room pattern.  It was in pristine condition, and long story short, it has now taken up residence at my house!

A new addition this year was a BBQ caterer set up outside the showroom.  I didn't get any BBQ because I knew I'd be eating at the baby shower, but what a great idea!

Among my Pyrex dishes are two items that I particularly like.  The covered casserole with accompanying cradle [pictured below] is almost 50 years old - a bridal shower gift. It's seen a lot of macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, tuna noodle casseroles, and blue berry/peach cobblers over the years!  

I also like my Pyrex mixing bowl set.   I purchased it at an antique store a few years ago out of nostalgia - my mother had a set just like it.  But now that it's in my kitchen I use the bowls frequently.

Pyrex is very collectible.  What Pyrex pieces do you have?  

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  1. Great purchase! I can "see" that pink tearoom glassware on your tea table soon. I was given a set of Pyres mixing bowls as a wedding gift. Although they lasted many years, I replaced them about 12 years ago.

  2. Oh, wow, how I would love to have seen these displays in person! I need to remember to go to the DG show in Marietta GA this summer. I have a few pieces of American that belonged to my grandmother - a sugar bowl and some juice glasses. Our church has a big punchbowl in that pattern, it is GORGEOUS! And heavy. :-)
    I love my Pyrex, too. I have a few pieces that were wedding presents almost 40 years ago that I still love. Most of mine are that "harvest gold" and white, that was so popular in the 1970s. I saw a blue/white "snowflake casserole dish at a yard sale a couple of months ago and now I kind of wish I'd bought it. So pretty!

  3. Oh, and that pink Tea Room pitcher and glasses is a great find! You know I'm a fan of pink DG anyway. Can't believe I forgot to mention it earlier!

  4. I love depression glass. The Tea Room pattern pitcher and glasses is a gorgeous find -- lucky you. Fenton Glass -- I have a couple of pieces. But I don't have pyrex -- which makes me wonder where my Mother's pyrex went???!!!!!

  5. What fun to go to the vintage glass show, Phyllis! I have a Fostoria water pitcher that belonged to a great aunt, and a cream and sugar set that I found. I also have a pink depression glass pitcher and bowl from my late mother-in-law. Your pitcher and glass set is so pretty, and I can see why it came home with you! N

  6. Phyllis, your pink pitcher and glasses are lovely! I have a couple of pink depression glass pitchers and I love them. I have several pieces of pyrex too. Mixing bowls and a casserole dish left over from my early days of being a new home maker. I still use them every time I bake.

    In Saturday's post I mentioned you as being one of the ladies who got me loving blue and white so much. We always have someone who inspires us. Thank you for sharing with us today and enjoy this new week.

    Autumn blessings,

  7. I haven't been to a depression glass show in a number of years, but going in to one and seeing all that sparkling glass always gives me a thrill. My "good" dishes are a set of green depression glass in the "Roulette" pattern. Like you, I have some Pyrex that I got as wedding presents too many years ago. It's one of those things that never go out of fashion.

  8. I'm in Pyrex heaven! I have retro Pyrex cups and saucers in the "Autumn Glory" pattern.

  9. Some of that Pyrex I received as wedding gifts. It always makes me smile when I know younger women that collect it. Love the depression glass and would have enjoyed this show.

  10. Oh how beautiful!! That would be an excellent show, for sure. About six years ago, my mother gave me her set of primary colors mixing bowls. Then my kids grew to preteens and I had them do the dishes. Now they're gone...and I'll start collecting again! Ha! I've just started a Vintage Show & Tell linky party and would love to have you join, if you'd like!


  11. I love Pyrex, too, and those old salmon pink and aqua pieces are calling my name, but … YOU GOT A TEA ROOM PITCHER AND GLASSES IN PRISTINE CONDITION??? Oh wow, am I ever jealous! You know, they say with this particular pattern, 25 percent of it was flawed from the moment it was made! So pieces in pristine condition are especially prized!


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