Monday, November 2, 2015

An Apron Tea at Crocker House Museum

After church yesterday, I met a friend at the Crocker House Museum [home of the Macomb County Historical Society] for an Apron Tea.  The museum, located in Mount Clements, MI, is only about eight miles from my house.  I've heard about it for a long time, but this was my first visit.

The first mayor of Mt. Clemens, Joshua Dickinson, built the Italianate home in 1869 for his daughter, Katherine, and son-in-law, George M. Crocker.  When Mr. Dickinson died, George became mayor.  The Crockers lived in the house until 1921, and two other owners followed them. The Michigan State Highway Department purchased the house for a road project, and scheduled it for demolition in 1975 until the Macomb County Historical Society rescued it, and had it moved to its current location for a museum.

[This photo courtesy of Crocker House website]

~ The house has been designated a Michigan Historic Site ~

~ The tea and apron presentation was held in the basement of the museum. ~

~ Each attendee received a pin-cushion button jar as a favor. ~

~ And an apron sugar cookie. ~

The sell-out tea began at 1:00 p.m.  A married couple sat at our table, and were very pleasant to visit with.  The German husband was the only man at the tea, but the room full of women didn't intimidate him in the least.

The tea began with Cranberry-Apricot Scones with Three Wives Tea - a black tea blended exclusively for Crocker House.

~ Tiered server with tea sandwiches and desserts. ~

The sandwiches were Ham Salad on Wheat Bread, Cucumber on White Bread, and Feta-Spinach on Swirl Bread. 

Desserts were a Chocolate Brownie Bite, Pumpkin Tart... 

... and Chocolate Tiramisu Cupcake.

After the meal, Kim Parr, Director of the Museum, brought greetings and introduced the speaker. 


Carol Brodbeck was the speaker, and she brought several unique aprons to show.  I've heard her speak before about parasols and fans, so I looked forward to hearing her apron presentation. Since I do apron presentations too, I was interested in hearing what she would say.  It was quite different from mine, and very interesting. There's always something new to learn.


After the tea, there were door prize drawings, and I won one.  Yay!  Docents were at their assigned posts upstairs for tours of Crocker House after the presentation, so my friend and I took the tour - tomorrow's post.


  1. I think it is just great that you can find all these terrific tea parties to attend! This one sounds very special. Cookie and favor are just adorable and I am sure the presentation was great, too.

  2. That looks like a lovely museum, and an enjoyable tea and presentation. I'll look forward to seeing the rest of the house tomorrow.


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