Friday, November 13, 2015

Michigan Historical Museum

Happy Friday the 13th!  As promised in my Veteran's Day post on Wednesday [Rosie the Riveter], I'm sharing photos from our visit to the Michigan Historical Museum in today's post - our destination after we left the Capitol Building just a few blocks away.  I visited the historical museum with my girlfriend in 2011, so this visit was a lovely review for me.

There are three floors of fabulous historical displays for the students to see.  It may seem like I photographed everything, but I really didn't.  

~ Recognition was given to Michigan's Motown ~

I remember saving S & H green stamps [and Gold Bell], and redeeming the filled books for merchandise, do you?

When I was growing up, our kitchen had Frigidaire turquoise appliances instead of pink. When I got married coppertone and avocado were the rage.  When we moved into our current house harvest gold was popular, and after a while we replaced those with almond. Black was popular for a time, and now stainless steel is the trend setter.  Throughout the colors, classic white has always been available.  What's in your kitchen?

The photos below were in the same area as Rosie the Riveter, and show the interior of the houses built at Willow Village.  

~ Notice the teapot and teacup sitting on the kitchen table. ~

~ A Victory Garden display ~

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without!

My daughter loves Craftsman bungalows and she'd happily more into the one pictured below!

I promised I'd show some tea memorabilia, and the handle-less teacup and saucer below was from Henry Harrison's 1840 presidential campaign.

~ A tea caddy from an 1835 Michigan pioneer family. ~

~ A 1829 earthenware teapot made in Ann Arbor, MI ~

On one of the floors was a one-room schoolhouse, and Izzy appointed herself as the teacher.

I recently purchased a set of primer thru sixth grade McGuffey readers [reprints], so it was interesting to see them in the one-room school house.

~ Izzy ~

There was a display for S. S. Kresge [the forerunner of K-Mart], and I definitely remember shopping at Kresge's dime store with creaking wooden floors, soda and lunch counters, costume jewelry counters, a sundry of other products, and my favorite - the candy counter with the individual bins and scales for weighing the candy. 

~ J.L. Hudson's Department store was also recognized. ~

~ And lastly, a recreated Victorian house. ~

~ A human hair mourning wreath in the parlor. ~

I don't know which I enjoyed touring the most - the State Capitol or the Museum.  It was a great day!  Thanks for going along with me vicariously.


  1. What a great museum! And Miss Izzy is a cutie, I love the pictures of her. Fun trip!

  2. What a fun place to visit! This brought back many memories to me, such as going to the S&H Green Stamp center with my mom (sometimes I got to select a toy with her stamps), and also of visiting those creaky old dime stores (as we called them) with the scent of hot popcorn and roasted cashews wafting through the air!


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