Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Anything Goes" Tablescapes Part III

Table #19 "Florence Medici Sees the Light"

Table #20 "Black, White, and Bright"

Table #21 "Mah-Nah-Be-Zee 50th Anniversary"

Table #22 "Ghosts of Tables Past"

Table #23 "Do You Believe in Magic?"

Table #25 "Matt's Design"

Table #26 "Tea Party"

Table #27 "Fruits and Nuts"

Table #28 "Pop Goes the Weasel"

Table #30 "Mardi Gras"

Table #31 "Christmas Holiday"

Table #33 "I Garden, Therefore I Am"

Table #34 "For the Birds"

Table #36 "English Country Tea"

Table #37 "A Child's Party"

Tomorrow's post will conclude the tablescapes.


  1. More awesome tables! So many ideas for anyone planning a themed tea.

  2. I went back and looked at the two previous days' posts on my iPad last night, making the pictures bigger to see details...and I look forward to doing the same thing with this one. So many great ideas. I must say, the china on #33 really grabbed my attention. So did the Christmas one. I'm loving all these pretty table settings and will hate to see this series end. Hugs!

  3. Yes, it's definitely impossible to choose a favorite among all these great tablescapes. Bless you for the time it took to photograph them all!!!

  4. Wonderful tables, Phyllis! Thanks for sharing them with us.


  5. Wow! All the different themes are so great! Thanks so much for sharing :).

  6. Oh English Country Tea is my favourite! Just beautiful!


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