Friday, April 18, 2014

A Surprise Gift of Art

Are you familiar with Paper Toile [tole]?  I wasn't, until a friend recently gifted me with a beautiful print. Many layers of pictures are cut and glued together to create a dimensional look instead of a flat surface picture.  The more layers that are used, the more realistic and beautiful the picture is. The art work is sometimes referred to as multi-dimensional paper art, and shadow box art.

My picture has 8 layers, and the fact that it's a tea scene, makes it even more special.  To fully appreciate its beauty it must seen in person, but this blog photo will have to suffice.  It is matted in a beautiful 12 1/2 x 14 1/2 cherry shadow-box frame.

The skill and patience required to produce this type of art is amazing, and I'm grateful to be the recipient of such a lovely gift.

This is the written paperwork that came from the artist:  "Paper Toile probably gets the vote for the most diverse, yet most realistic form of art.  An art form for over 200 years, Paper Toile is highly prized for its total uniqueness.  Several prints of the same 80 pound paper picture are painstakingly cut by hand using exacto knives and artful skill.  Artisans know of the costly expense and consumption of time required to master an image.  They must have knowledge of cutting as well as what to cut, what to keep, what to throw away, and how to glue, block, shape, and form.  Through determination, persistence, skill and great cost, we, as a group of artisans, have created an opportunity for you to be a proud owner of one of our handcrafted works of art.  By purchasing our prints, glass, matting, wood and other essentials in magnum quantities, plus doing all the work ourselves, it enables you to enjoy the realism and uniqueness that this fine art has to offer.  In the world of art, Paper Toile in all respects, is art that really stands out."


  1. This is beautiful, and perfect for you. I only ever did this craft once, the small pieces and fine cutting of the paper requires good eyes and a steady hand.

  2. What a beautiful picture, and I'll bet it's even more lovely "live" when you can see it up close and personal! This reminds me of a craft that was popular in the seventies, but it was basically just gussied-up decoupage with one additional paper layer glued on dimensionally. This looks and sounds far more advanced. Must investigate! (Like I *need* one more craft, ha!)

  3. I am not familiar with this craft, but it looks lovely. And of course, a tea scene is perfect for you!


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