Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Kentucky Derby Inspired Tea at Boone Tavern Hotel

Our group gathered in the Skylight Room for Boone Tavern's Afternoon "Derby" Tea.  What a privilege to be served this tea before the April 19th sell-out tea the hotel is hosting for the public. This is the third tea Linda has been the consultant on, and the hotel is very fortunate to have her knowledge and expertise available to them.

~ Blogging and tea friend, Angela ~

We started off with a sampling of Boone Tavern's signature Kentucky Spoonbread.  I loved the presentation of serving it in a spoon!

~ Cup of Kentucky Burgoo Soup ~

Savories:  Fancy Deviled Egg; Mini Hot Brown; Country Ham, Apricot Jam, and Arugula Tea Biscuit; and Liz's Spicy Pimento Cheese Sandwich.  The two tea selections were Earl Grey Black, and Mayor's Cup.  I chose Mayor's Cup.

~ Three-tierd Server ~

Bottom Tier - Scones: A plain scone, and a "Lily" Cranberry Scone with Orange Zest and Triple Sec Glaze. This was to represent the "Lily" Cocktail served at the Kentucky Derby. Berea is a "dry" town, so we knew we wouldn't  get tipsy on the scones!  ;-)  

Middle Tier - White Chocolate dipped Strawberries and Raspberries.

Top Tier - Sweets:  Chocolate Bourbon Tartlets; Mini Race Day Bites [a bite size version of Derby Pie] and Mini Cupcakes with Mint Julep Icing [love the tiny mint leaf garnish!]; 

And last, but certainly not least, Horseshoe Sugar Cookies.

Pastry Chef, Liz, going over the menu with us.

Nancy gave each of us a gift bag with items from Rosemary House - an herb shop that her sister owns, located next door to her tea room.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity, Nancy!

After the tea, we hit the road again destined for the Kentucky Artisan Center.

~ Interior of Artisan Center ~

The art piece below was titled, "Tea of Many Flavors" and was made by a lady in Louisville. It caught our attention because it's made with an oak antique treadle sewing machine drawer, and recycled teabags, and is priced at $340.00.

I bought a Kentucky cookbook instead [as did Angela and Maureen]. With Linda's recommendation we knew it would be good!  

The hand statue/sculpture below was at the entrance of the building.   In 2003 Berea had a public art project called "Show of Hands."  There are 12 hands in all, placed throughout Berea. Each one is 6 ft. tall and is made of fiberglass.  No two hands are painted the same. 

Quilting is also a big tradition in Kentucky, and during our 31 mile drive to Danville we noticed several images of quilts attached to buildings and barns along "Kentucky Quilt Trails."

From the Artisan Center we went to the Log House Craft Gallery - the showplace for Berea College Student Crafts.  

We saw many lovely things at the Craft Gallery, but my only purchase was a tube of lip balm made with organic camellia sinensis [green tea] extract.  Anything with tea in it has to be good, right???

From there we went to Linda's house.  The teapot welcome flag was out.  During a tour of her lovely home, we saw her tea plants.  I'd love to have a tea plant, but I doubt that I could keep it alive.

Austin was getting ready to leave for his Ukulele club, so he favored us with a song.  What a multi-talented young man!

Then it was back to Boone Tavern Hotel for the night.  Angela brought her craft ribbon and charms for those who wanted to make bookmarks.   Fun!

I made one to bring back to my girlfriend.

After our craftiness was expended, we all decided to call it a night knowing we'd need to be rested for Wednesday's adventures in Lexington - tomorrow's post!


  1. What fun! I love seeing all the places you visited. That "used teabag art" is...different, to say the least. But I love the bookmarks. I think I have some of that teapot ribbon, this is a great use for it.

  2. What a fun journal of our trip. Love seeing the picture of the teabag artistry again. That was amazing!

  3. I have to admit - I am stalking the pictures of your tea outing with friends! Each blog shares such wonderful pictures. What a fun time! And what delicious food. So mouth-watering.

  4. So glad you captured so many of the things I did not! It's great fun to be reminded of all the fun things we saw in Kentucky!


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