Saturday, February 9, 2019

Still Celebrating

I went to a baby shower this morning at the church were I was secretary for 22 years.  It was so nice to see old friends again.  The mommy-to-be is the same age as my son, Jeremy, and they went to school together.  Her dad was Minister of Christian Education when I worked at the church.  And Stefanie became the church secretary when I left.  The theme was "Wild Things" because the baby's daddy has a "critter control" business.  There were adorable stuffed animals on all the tables as centerpieces which were given afterwards to the new baby.   We have to wait for its arrival to know its gender.  

~ Stefanie [mommy-to-be] and her mother, Vickie ~

I forgot my iPhone at home, so I borrowed my daughter's to take these pictures.
~ My daughter, Lori, [middle] with her girlfriends Janette [L] and Missy [R] ~

~ My girlfriend, Lori, and her daughter-in-law, Lisa ~

I don't think I've ever been to a baby shower that began at 10:00 a.m.  The meal was appropriately brunch.  What a great idea!

I had the pleasure of planning the first ladies' tea in this fellowship hall when it was first built.  Lots of wonderful memories in this room with lots of wonderful people!  I miss them, even though I enjoy the new friends I've made at my son's church.

As I was leaving my girlfriend, Lori, gave me a birthday gift which I opened when I got home.  Three black and white teacups for my collection.  They're beautiful! Thank you SO much, Lori!

When I got home more gifts were on the front porch.  My son, Steve, has been in Florida all week so he had these birthday gifts sent to me.  A teapot tote bag [he knows what will bring a smile to my face! ;-)].

And a tea bag tote for my purse.  Isn't it cute?!

 Ellie's first Daddy/Daughter dance was today.  

[Landon, Ellie, and Isabella]

It's been a great Saturday!

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  1. The baby shower looks like great fun and I'm glad you were able to see some old friends. LOVE those black and white teacups! And the tote bag and teabag holder are darling too. There were evidently Father-Daughter dances around the country this weekend, I've seen several photos from local ones. I think it's a great idea and Ellie looks excited about it.


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