Wednesday, January 4, 2017

All in a Day

Do you sweeten your tea?  I used to, but seldom do anymore, but my husband and daughter still do, and we were almost out of the brown rough-cut sugar cubes they like. The closest place that sells them [to my knowledge] is a store at Detroit's Eastern Market. So Jerry and I made the jaunt there yesterday to buy more.   

I discovered R. Hirt Jr. Co. in Detroit's Eastern Market in 1991.  It's a specialty store for both food and non-food items comprising three stories.  The old building was built in 1893, but closed temporarily in recent years while family members settled a dispute.  It reopened under the new name of DeVries & Co, but I still refer to it as Hirt.

The first floor is devoted to specialty and gourmet food items - which includes a huge selection of teas.  Harney & Sons Fine Teas is probably their largest supplier, but there are others.

I was intrigued by Davidson's display of 'Dessert Teas'.

There were ready-to-drink [RTD] teas in the refrigerator case too.

It's always fun to browse around the first floor [where our sugar cubes are located] before going to the second and third floors.  I snapped the photo of the 1st floor [below] while standing on the staircase leading to the upper floors.

The second floor is now devoted to jewelry made by local artists, and the third floor is unique gifts and basket making supplies [which is what actually took me to R. Hirt Jr. & Co. back in 1991].  The display of Christmas teapots and mugs pictured below were 50% off, but in my head I could hear my mother saying, "It's not a bargain if you don't need it", so I resisted!  ;-)

In the end, we only purchased exactly what we went for - our 'stash' of brown sugar cubes - and an unanticipated tin of Harney's Celebration Tea that was on clearance for $5.83.  It was out-of-stock at the Harney website in December.  I made myself a cup as soon as I got home. Yum!

One of the things I'm enjoying about Lori's recuperation at our house is watching movies in the evenings with her.  Last night was the DVD, The Young Victoria [2009], and I never realized it before, but it was written by Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey.   

When I was in England with Lori in 2015, I toured Ham House in Richmond [not far from London].  I immediately recognized it in some of the scenes of The Young Victoria.   A quick Google search revealed they filmed scenes there imitating Kensington Palace.  It was so fun knowing I was actually there.

Our day ended with the 2014  movie, Grace of Monaco [on Netflix].  It was equally good. 

How have you been spending the first few days of 2017?


  1. Drinking tea, of course, celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary and taking down the Christmas tree.

    I'm going to have a look online for those sugar cubes!

  2. Ooh, I would love to visit that store! Not that I "need" any more tea...
    I'm glad you found the Celebration tea on sale.
    Enjoy your time with Lori.


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