Monday, January 16, 2017

A Second Christmas

As mentioned in my last post, after the tea luncheon everyone went into Linda's living room where she presented each of us with gift bags.   It was like Christmas all over again!   Inside each bag were multiple gifts carefully selected to suit our individual interests. I wish I would have thought to take a photo of my overflowing gift bag before I delved into it, but I did photograph each item to share after I got home.

A cast-iron teapot warmer for the Japanese Tetsubin Teapot I bought at Tea Haus in Ann Arbor, MI last November.

~ Eight blue and white porcelain teapot shaped napkin holders. ~

A blue and white porcelain tea caddy that Linda's son-in-law brought back from China, and a blue and white linen tea towel.

A blue and white teapot brooch with matching teacup earrings.

~ A journal and teapot ornament. ~

And an out-of-print, hard-to-find cookbook pertaining to automotive pioneer, Henry Ford. Linda knew I've done presentations about Henry Ford, and thought this book would be an interesting addition.

Now ALL these gifts were more than enough to overwhelm me, but she gave me a second bag that she said wasn't for Christmas.  They were just things she thought I'd like!   That bag included a DVD of Disney's Frozen, another tea-themed brooch and teapot charm, a tea-themed book titled Good Friends Sip Together, and a cloche hat.  I might add, she was just as generous to the other seven ladies, saying it brought her great joy to give gifts to us!

The ladies all wanted me to model my new Roaring Twenties style hat.  Can you envision Lady Mary or Lady Edith Crawley on Downton Abbey wearing this hat?

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures of Linda's kitchen all decorated for Christmas. Actually most of it can stay out through February since it pertains to snow and winter.  

~ A corner hutch with Christmas dishware. ~

There are no words to adequately thank Linda for her kindness and generosity, only to ask our Heavenly Father, who is the giver of all good gifts, to bless and repay her abundantly!


  1. You ladies were spoiled by Linda but I know how much she appreciates your friendship and likes to give gifts that bring pleasure.
    Love the hat Phyllis!

  2. The hat is darling and all your gifts were so perfect for you. It's obvious that Linda knows you well and pays attention to your "likes". What a lovely thing for her to do for her friends.

  3. What fabulous gifts, Phyllis, and what sweet words you wrote about your friend, Linda.
    You look stunning in the darling hat!


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