Thursday, December 15, 2016

Newest Tea Acquisitions

Have you ever Christmas shopped for someone else and liked the gift so much you bought one for yourself too?  I did recently!  I've been wanting a Brown Betty teapot, so when I ordered one as a gift, I got one for me, along with a Union Jack teapot cozy.

The teapot is a 6-cup, and has the manganese brown glaze known as Rockingham Brown. Brown Betty's are said to retain heat well, and are loved by the British. They're made by Cauldon Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent, Straffordshire, England.  Mine came via British Delights, Ltd., in Westford, Massachusetts.  The matching trivet was out of stock and will come after Christmas. 

I've also been wanting the book pictured below that's the story of Bigelow Tea Company. Ruth Bigelow founded the company in the late 1940's based on a recipe she marketed as "Constant Comment" tea.  The black tea is flavored with orange rinds and sweet spices.  The tea took its name from the constant comments it received, and is one of Bigelow's most popular teas for over 70 years.   When I ordered the book for a friend, I ordered one for myself too.  

Constant Comment always makes me think of my deceased mother-in-law, because it's the tea she enjoyed.

And last but not least, Tuesday Morning stores have miniature Polish Pottery teapot and teacup ornaments on sale.  They're normally $6.99 but are currently $5.24.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Growing up my mother only had one teapot - a brown betty and it was her pride and joy. I've thought about one for myself but tend to look for the prettier china or porcelain teapots. Orange pekoe was the only tea in the house but I have stepped out of the box to enjoy flavoured teas.
    The Union Jack tea cozy is a generous size.

  2. I have that book!!! I found it a while ago at a thrift store and it's so interesting. I know you'll really enjoy it....It's a great addition to my "tea book" library.

  3. Love those cute ornaments! Enjoy your Brown Betty teapot with the Union Jack cozy. The book looks very interesting too, and I enjoy a cup of Constant Comment now and then!


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