Friday, December 2, 2016

D.I.A. Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate Exhibit

My girlfriend and I met-up today at 11:30 a.m. at the Detroit Institute of Arts to view the current exhibit, Bitter/SweetCoffee, Tea, and Chocolate.  I blogged about going down to the D.I.A. to purchase the tickets on Nov. 16, and you can view that post here.

It was a great exhibit, and I highly recommend it.  I took over 100 photos that need to be sorted before I write a complete post about the exhibit, but this post will showcase the creative Christmas decorations that coordinated with the exhibit.  They were designed and created by the Friends of Art and Flowers, a D.I.A. support group.

Below is the large wreath that greeted us when we entered the D.I.A. foyer.

Chocolate Christmas trees on the first floor by the Café. 

~ Signage directing us to the exhibit on the second floor. ~

Teacup Christmas Tree [Cups were filled with tea bags and faux chocolate and coffee] with teapot topper.

~ Wreaths made with chocolates ~  

The cute candy decorations below were on the tables in the Café, where we had lunch after viewing the exhibit.

Entering the exhibit hall.  

Next post will be inside the exhibit hall where photos were allowed...

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  1. What great decorations! Someone had a lot of imagination and inspiration.


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