Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Pour yourself a cup of tea while reliving [through pictures] Christmas Eve 2016 with the Barkey family. 

On Christmas Eve morning we went to church.  Children performing [ringing bells] always warms the heart.

Steve's sermon was "Real Treasures of the Heart" [eternal things money can't buy].

We lit candles before dismissal signifying we would let the love of Jesus shine brightly in our lives.  

I LOVE Christmas!

After the service I snapped a photo of my granddaughters, Brooke [L] and Brianna [R].

Then it was home to prepare Christmas Eve dinner at 4:00 o'clock.  I set-up a buffet table in the family room so the dining table wouldn't be so crowded.

After dinner we went into the family room where Papa [Jerry] and Isabella [Izzy] took turns reading the Christmas story from the Bible.

Then it was time to open presents.  The grandkids always go first.  Ellie loved her presents and even served me a cup of tea with her new dishes!  ;-)

 Landon was quite happy with his mini-arcade gift.  His facial expression says it all!

~ Granddaughter, Brianna, Sharon, and Lori ~

~ Daughter-in-law, Samantha ~

~ Steve ~

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve at our house without watching Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, even though everyone practically knows it line by line.  The kids even know when any undesirable language is coming to fast-forward.  ;-)

Even though everyone had just eaten a large meal we had to have popcorn to go with the movie. Lori and Sharon [both recovering from surgeries] shared the ottoman to keep their legs elevated.

Jeremy and Sam wore sweatshirts with lines from the movie.  Margo and Todd had the misfortune of being neighbors of the Griswold's.  Cute idea, Sam! 

Birthday cake for Jesus.   After we sang Happy Birthday to the "Reason for the Season" Ellie and Landon blew out the candles.  The Cassata Cake was declared a winner, and not a crumb was left behind.

~ Jerry and Me ~

~ Lori with her three children - Brandon, Tiffany and Marissa ~

~ Steve, Sharon, Brianna, and Brooke ~

~ Jeremy, Samantha, Isabella, Landon, and Ellie ~

~ John and Tiffany ~

Papa and Nana with our eight "grands".  The older the grandchildren get, the harder it is to get all of them in one place at the same time, but we were all together on Christmas Eve.  Top row L-R: Marissa, Brooke, Brandon, Brianna, and Tiffany.  Bottom row:  Landon, Me, Jerry, Ellie, and Isabella.

The excitement of the evening was John and Tiffany revealing the sex of their baby  due May 15th... It's a Girl, and she'll be named Evelyn Rose.  Rose was my mother's middle name so Rose is in honor of her.  My mom would be so happy!  In the photo below Tiffany was asking "How many think it's a boy?"  Hence the hands raised on the right.  Turns out they were wrong.  ;-)

Below is the photo Tiff and John used to announce 'Evie' to their extended family and friends on Facebook.  Next Christmas Eve a new little family member will be celebrating with us and the circle of life will continue to evolve.

It was a fun evening and everyone left around 11:30 p.m. to go to their individual homes.  I hope your Christmas Eve was merry and bright, and that Santa was good to you!


  1. Lovely family. Wishing you and yours a blessed 2017.
    Marilyn and family

  2. Sounds like a great night!

    Your first great-grandchild! So exciting!

    Merry Christmas!


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