Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Downton Abbey Books and Episode 7

I spent my Amazon birthday gift cards on five books, three of which are Downton Abbey related. They all arrived earlier this week, and I'm looking forward to sitting down to look at them over a nice cup of tea.

My daughter, Lori, came over to watch episode 7 with me.  We're savoring every minute of these last episodes.   We both agreed it was a great episode that evoked lots of emotions - laughter, romance, fear, and happiness, to name a few.  Well done, Julian Fellowes!

I LOVED Mrs. Patmore's and Mrs. Hughes' Carson's plot to give Mr. Carson a taste of his own cooking!  We laughed when he literally fell asleep from exhaustion at the dinner table. Hopefully he won't be so quick to criticize his new wife's cooking going forward!

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And what romantic wouldn't have been delighted with Bertie's marriage proposal - and on Valentine's Day no less!

Our hearts went out to Lady Mary when the race car crashed at Brooklands racing track, and she agonized at the possibility of Henry Talbot succumbing to the same fate of her late husband, Matthew.  We seldom see Mary teary eyed, but she definitely was last Sunday night. Fortunately it wasn't Henry Talbot's car that crashed, unfortunately it was his good friend's. I'm with Mary... what's the point???

The underdog throughout the series has been poor Mr. Mosely, but he gets to turn in his footman's duds now that he's been offered a teaching position at the local school.  Mr. Dawes complimented him for knowing more than some Oxford and Cambridge graduates, as Mosley  wiped a joyful tear from his eye.  Do you think he'll propose to Baxter now?

The show ended on a happy note when Spratt delivered a new puppy to Robert from his Mama [Violet Crawley].

Only two more episodes left.  Even though my hubby gave me Season 6 DVD's, I'm going to stretch it out and watch the final episodes on TV with my daughter.  Like countless others, I sure am going to miss this show!


  1. I cried at Robert's face when he saw the puppy - only 2 episodes left and that makes me so sad!

  2. All the books looks very interesting. It was a good episode on Sunday night. So happy for Edith. My first thought was of her daughter's father and if he will ever show up. Sandy

  3. Yes, that was a lovely surprise! And Molseley! I'm so happy for him!

    This season is a good one. This series will be very much missed.


  4. How wonderful that you and your daughter can enjoy watching this together!

  5. How are they ever going to end all these stories in only TWO episodes :(

  6. Like you, I'm hoping to make the season last as long as possible. And you just gave me an idea for what I can order with the Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas and Valentine's Day!

  7. I confess, I finished it last night! I am happy!

  8. I love every episode of the show. Happy to know that you and your daughter enjoyed watching it together.

  9. It looks like you have some great books to enjoy, Phyllis! It's nice to keep savoring your birthday, isn't it? I wonder what you and your daughter thought about last night's episode?
    Enjoy your blogging break!

  10. Yes, it will be sad to see Downton Abbey end. I've been enjoying my Downton book "A Year In The Life Of Downton Abbey" by Jessica Fellows.

  11. It's going to be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to Downton Abbey. Will try to keep my spirits up with hopes of a possible movie!


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