Wednesday, February 17, 2016

An Extended Birthday Luncheon

Last Friday [2/12] a girlfriend took me to lunch at one of her favorite spots, CAFΓ‰ Cortina in Farmington Hills, MI to celebrate my birthday.     

It is a 4 Diamond Award, AAA restaurant that was established in 1976. A press wall filled with newspaper and magazine articles from Hour, Style, and Detroit Home magazines [as well as others] was interesting to peruse.  Because it was a wintry day and past 12:00 noon, they weren't real crowded. Only three other tables were occupied besides ours.


The fire was cozily burning in the fireplace, and Linda asked if we could be seated in the corner.

The corner table in the photo below was ours.  Christina [our female server] helped remove our coats, and placed a crisp, white linen napkin in our lap.

A male server brought a tableside chest of Rishi teas for us to choose from.  I debated between Earl Grey and Jasmine, and settled on Jasmine.

Instead of sugar packets on the table for tea, the server brought a small glass of simple syrup.  

Notice the unique, individual stainless steel teapot with side handle.  In all my tea room and restaurant adventures I've never seen one like it.

I ordered Penne Con Salsicca - homemade whole wheat pasta with Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, fresh asparagus, and sun dried tomatoes in a herb-cream sauce.  It was delicious!

In the photo below, our male server [whose name I neglected to get] is grating fresh Parmesan cheese on my pasta.

~ Christina [our server] and me ~

Dessert was Millafolia - 16 paper thin layers of dark chocolate crΓͺpes with Espresso mousse between the layers.   Since we were celebrating my birthday, it was brought to the table with a gigantic, lit sparkler.  What a way to celebrate!  Thanks, Linda, for a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Love the sparkler! And the entire meal sounds fabulous - a wonderful way to celebrate.

  2. A lovely luncheon! Did I wish you happy birthday? If not happy belated birthday my friend!

  3. What a wonderful birthday lunch. It is fun to celebrate your birthday all month...and beyond. Sandy

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to celebrate, and the tea presentation was quite unique!

  5. What a fantastic birthday celebration! The little tea pot reminds me of a deep sea diver's mask! How different!


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