Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mini Tea-themed Christmas Ornaments

I used to put up a small tea-themed Christmas tree every year filled with mini ornaments, but it was time consuming, so it hasn't happened in recent years.  Last year when KrisTea's gift shop closed, I bought her tabletop ornament tree - a much easier way to display a few of my mini tea-themed Christmas ornaments.

~ It holds 12 ornaments by Spode, Lenox, and other manufacturers ~

~ A Christmas ornament on a single stand ~

Below is a faux Gingerbread teapot that was a kit I put together several years ago.  Some of the pieces have fallen off, but it's still cute. 


  1. This is a pretty and easy way to display your special ornaments. My tea themed tree is not going up this year.

  2. This looks like a great way to display small and fragile items with the added bonus of displaying each item to advantage. Small ornaments sometimes disappear in a regular tree. Your ornaments are very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a darling way to display your tea ornaments. I'm hoping to finish decorating my tabletop "tea tree" this evening.

  4. Wish I had found a gingerbread teapot kit -- that's adorable! Love your new tree, and since I haven't even put up my big tree yet, much less the tea-themed one, I'm thinking you found a very smart way to decorate this year!


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