Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I don't post a lot pictures of my hubby because that's his preference, but today I grabbed my camera for a few shots.  It was clear, sunny, and 46 degrees in Michigan, perfect for putting up our outside decorations.

~ Making bows for coach light wreaths ~

~ Hanging the lights and wreath around the front window ~

~ Attaching lights to the red maple tree ~

 ~ When the sun went down the results were very Christmassy. ~

I haven't forgotten about my Christmas teapot series.  More pictures will be up tomorrow.  I went to the basement this morning to get some teapots for the series, and ended up staying down there almost all day sorting through totes. Unfinished basements are like attics - catch all's - so today I worked at getting organized.


  1. Looks like perfect weather for the job! Tell him he gets an A+!!!

  2. I do love Christmas lights! Yours look very festive. Yes, sorting through things takes a great deal of time. I'm trying to sort as I unpack my decorations this year, and let go of about 1/2 of them. Not sure I've made it to 1/2 yet but I'm working on it! I look forward to seeing more of your Christmas collection.

  3. Your hubby is a good sport, and the lights look lovely!


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