Monday, April 6, 2015

Quester's Luncheon Tablescapes Finale

Table #38 - "To China With Love"

Table #39 - "Casablanca"

Table #40 - "After the Hunt"

Table #42 - "London Calling"

Table #43 - "A Night Out at Painting with a Twist"

Table #44 - "Time Travel - Outlander"

Table #45 - "Step Into the Music"

Table #46 "Early Spring"

Table #47 - "Linda's Table

Table #49 - "Going to Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow with RAHGS"
[Richmond Area Historical and Genealogical Society]

Table #52 - "1960's Road Trip [USA]"

Table #53 - "Mystical India"

Table #54 - "Art in All Directions"

Table #55 - "Friends"

That concludes all 55 tablescapes.  It was a lot of tables to view, and I hope I didn't bore you or put you in sensory overload.  What was your all-time favorite tablescape?


  1. I enjoyed seeing all the different tablescapes. It must have been wonderful to see in person. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You certainly didn't bore me, I loved seeing all the wonderful tablescapes! Today I think my favorite was "London Calling" - but there were some great ideas in other ones, like the candy palette on "Painting with a Twist". I LOVE the music plates in that "Step into the Music" table, too. And the garden tool utensils on "Linda's Table" were so cute!
    Overall, I don't know that I could pick a favorite. Every one had something that made it special. I will have to go back through them all, and study them again to see.

  3. It's been fun viewing all the creative tablescapes. Naturally, I was partial to the tea-themed tables, and the wanderlust in me was drawn to the tables featuring exotic themes (like Casablanca, India).

  4. Bore? Are you kidding me? This was outstanding--and bless you for taking photos of them all, as I would not have had the energy to do that! My favorite of this batch was the '60s road trip, but I think my favorite overall was that literary table with the typewriter. (I give points to book lovers!)

  5. Not bored at all!!! Loved seeing all of these. I loved Casablanca, To China with Love, London and Painting with a Twist was so clever too! I think I would have chosen different winners than they did. What fun to see all this creativity.


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