Monday, September 23, 2013

O'Mara's August Theme Tea

During my August blogging break I attended O'Mara's theme tea, "Fairies in the Garden" not once, but twice - Aug. 6th and Aug. 28th [I'll explain why later].  The restaurant has recently named the banquet room where the teas are held, "Avalon Tea Room."

The center of the tables were decorated with pink and green iridescent tulle, fairy figurines, butterflies and dragonflies.

At each place setting was a rolled scroll telling how to create a Fairy Realm/Garden.

The waitresses even wore fairy wings!

Below is Diana pouring my tea - Strawberry Kiwi.

Our tea meal began with the soup course - I ordered Forest Floor Mushroom.

Followed by the Savory/Sandwich Course:  Pea Proscuitto, Fig and Mascarpone, Zucchini Bread with Brown Sugar, topped with Roasted Chicken, and Field Green Salad with Oranges, Grapes and a Honey Basil White Balsamic Vinaigrette in Phyllo cups.

The Fig and Mascarpone was my favorite.  Chef Anita demonstrated how to make an   appetizer tray with Figs, Walnuts and Cheese, drizzled with Balsamic Syrup.  

Next was Honeysuckle Brie with Fresh Fruit and Crackers.

My friend, Lori, and me enjoying our tea at O'Mara's.

The entree was 'Stacked Eggplant' - breaded eggplant stacked with fresh tomato slices, fresh Mozzarella and basil, nestled on top of Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.

It was so good I went to my local produce market and purchased figs, eggplant and Mozzarella to recreate the meal at home!

Our dessert was Strawberry Basil Shortcake, a Lemon-Lavender Scone, and Fairy Chocolate Wands [pretzel sticks].

O'Mara's theme teas are every Tuesday, but a friend is now hosting "Fellowship Teas" once a month at O'Mara's, and she asked me to attend her tea.  It's the same theme and menu, but Chef Anita demonstrated how to make individual Phyllo cups [used as a salad container in the photo below] and Phyllo wrapped Brie instead.

It was a sell-out tea of 54 ladies, and while not everyone wore a hat, many did.  

Linda, dressed in turquoise in the center, was the tea coordinator.  

This charming lady even brought a table hook for her purse - just like Queen Elizabeth!

'Moi' trying to get acclimated to wearing a hat in the twenty-first century!  ;-)

Both August teas were lovely, and tomorrow's post will feature O'Mara's September theme tea, 'Culinary Delights from Summer's Bounty.'


  1. How very charming, and such lovely surroundings and companions and food. There's just a different feeling to such a gathering, from having simply lunch or stopping for tea---a little bit of childlike enjoyment that permeates all the decorations and dress and atmosphere.

    What a treat to repeat, and you certainly did the occasion proud in your lovely white ensemble (and a hat that would grace Ascot). Simply charming, and I feel that I've been invited to a wonderful special occasion.

    Thank you for sharing such a treat.


  2. Oh, I do love a wide-brimmed hat and you look quite fetching in yours! And what a fun theme this was -- love everything from the fairy wings to the pretzel wands and forest floor mushroom soup. Fun!

  3. That looks like such fun - right down to the fairy wings on the servers! Will look forward to the Sept. photos.


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