Thursday, September 12, 2013

Acquiring Limoges China

Anyone who knows me, knows I love pretty dishes.  One day before I went on my blogging break, I stopped in my favorite antique store [LaBelle's] after a hair appointment.  It's almost always dangerous for my wallet when I go there, but I go anyway!   

Prior to this visit I didn't own any Limoges porcelain, even thought I greatly admired it.  On this particular day I spotted a tea set and matching chocolate pot that looked like it might be Limoges, and a careful inspection revealed it was. 

It's not my intention to begin collecting chocolate pots with matching cups, but this does make my third one!  ;-)

I stood there admiring it, and noticed there were actually 53 pieces in all [from what was at one time service for twelve].  There was no price tag on any of the pieces so I asked Dawn, the owner, what she was asking for it.  She replied, "For you, $175!"  [I help keep her store open, and she probably tells all her customers that because it's good for business. ;-)]  I knew I was planning on having a garage sale in August, and I was confident I'd earn at least that much, so I put the set in layaway.  [Gotta get rid of old 'stuff' to make room for new 'stuff'!]  I came home and went on E-bay to see if I could find any matching pieces.  I was elated when I found the teapot, cream and sugar bowl for $175 without any of the other pieces.  What a bargain I got! What's that?  Do I hear my mother in the background of my mind saying, "It's not a bargain if you don't need it"?  I might not have needed it, but I sure wanted it!

I love the covered vegetable dish, cake plate, and large platter.  I plan to use the vegetable dish as a floral container at a tea party since it can't be used as a serving piece at tea time.

The other surviving pieces to the set are 5 teacups and saucers, 4 berry bowls, 6 soup bowls, 11 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, and 8 bread and butter plates.  I will accessorize with my pink Depression Glass.

Now I have the task of reorganizing my china hutch to make room for the tea set and chocolate pot.  Hmmm... what will have to go?

Lastly, I wanted to show you my teapot chandelier that my hubby hung while I was on blog break.   I really love it, and am so happy I got it, but it was a BUGGER to hang.  I better never tire of it, because it's not coming down as long as we live in the house!


  1. Your new china is wonderful and your hubby hung a darling chandelier! I love your new limoges and here is what I do - I get rid of something not so great when I find something better. I don't have a lot of the china I blogged about 4 years ago - especially the mix and match stuff or things ceramic. I acknowledge that of course, I have an advantage since I have a store to send things to if I don't want them (we have what we call a restro/resale area) and I sell vintage/antiques pieces.

  2. Oh, your "new" (new to you) china is SO pretty! And it will be beautiful with your pink DG. What a great find at an even greater price! I understand the issue of making room for it, though - I'm doing that with some of my mother's and grandmother's things that are coming to live at my house. And I think that chandelier is gorgeous, sorry it was so hard to hang but the results are well worth the effort, in my opinion.

  3. What a GORGEOUS set you got, and the price was less than $4 apiece -- for LIMOGES! Can you say, "SCORE!" Love it! The shapes and the decoration are just divine! And I would use the covered vegetable bowl. It could hold scones, or cookies, or bar cookies, or macarons, or mini-cupcakes ... but flowers would be good too! Congratulations on finding such a great deal on such an heirloom quality set. Oh, and I LOVE the rounded shape of that teacup!

  4. A great deal and a pretty pattern. I am really trying to abide by the rule 'do I need it' but have the downfall of 'wanting' too.
    Enjoy your new china, I look forward to a table set with it on a future post.

  5. The Limoge is such a lovely find.

    Also love the teapot chandelier.

    Lil Bit Brit


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