Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Williamston Antique Mall

When we left Cristy's on Saturday, we saw road signs advertising Williamston Antique Market. We had two hours before the antique market closed, and since neither of us had tight schedules we decided to stop.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but with 75 dealers, the likelihood of seeing something I liked was pretty good!   I spotted some reasonably priced ramekins in a locked cabinet, and after inspection, decided to purchase them.  I've been collecting ramekins for several years.  At some point I will feature my entire collection on my blog, but for now, these are the two I bought at the antique market.

These ramekins will be very pretty on a tea table.  I love the tiny pink roses on the white and beige china, and the delicate gold rimmed, scalloped edges.

The M Z Austria mark was used by Moritz Zdekauer on porcelains made at his works in Altrolau, Austria from 1884 to 1909.  Zdekauer's company exported pieces to America and Dutch colonies before another company took ownership.

Between Cristy's fabulous tea, and our finds at the antique mall, we concluded it was a very enjoyable day!


  1. Those are beautiful! Good find - and a great souvenir of a fun day.

  2. Those are some of the most beautiful ramekins I have ever, ever seen! I cannot wait to see your whole collection one day. So glad y'all took time to stop at the antique mall!

  3. They are pretty and I am interested in seeing the collection.

  4. Now those aren't just ramekins like my simple white ones. They are beautiful and have not seen anything like them.


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