Friday, June 14, 2013

J.L. Hudson's Department Store Presentation at Longacre House

This past Tuesday [June 11th], I was invited to Longacre House in Farmington Hills, Michigan to present a program on Detroit's iconic department store, J.L. Hudson's.  The City's Cultural Arts Department hosts monthly teas for the community to attend.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my Hudson's memorabilia, and talk about this great department store from years past.

The never-before-worn turquoise hat came from Hudson's - an  E-bay purchase.  It still had the original $3.99 price tag affixed.  Since it matched my outfit, I wore it during part of my presentation. 

My good friend, Lori, attended the tea with me.

Lovely room where the monthly teas are held.




1st course was Canadian Cheese soup - a popular Hudson's menu item.  My soup was eaten before a picture was taken, so the kitchen graciously allowed this photo to be taken afterwards.

The second [main] course was Hudson's famous Maurice Salad accompanied by a scone. You'll notice the scone is halved, and a seemingly out-of-place chocolate brownie is on the luncheon plate.   It's called, quick thinking and flexibility!   The meal was catered, and when the kitchen staff opened the delivery boxes to begin plating the meal, they discovered only half of the boxes contained scones, while the other half were filled with brownies.  A huge mix-up in the order. They quickly cut the scones in half to accommodate everybody, and the brownies were a bonus!  What woman doesn't like chocolate, right?  ;-)

Dessert was another popular Hudson's menu item - Hot fudge ice cream puffs.

The ladies ate their dessert while I gave my presentation.

One attendee's grandfather helped build one of the later additions to the Hudson's building. [He owned a cement company.]  At the conclusion of my presentation when I gave the ladies an opportunity to share their Hudson memories, she came up and told about her grandfather's connection to Hudson's.

Ladies looking at Hudson's memorabilia. 

It was a fun, nostalgic theme, and everyone seemed to enjoy reminiscing about Michigan's beloved department store.


  1. I'd love to have heard your presentation. What a great find that hat was! I never thought of looking on ebay for things from my favorite local department store, Rich's, which (sadly) exists no longer. It was an Atlanta institution for many years. Anyway, I digress, the food looks delicious and that was indeed quick thinking to halve the scones.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think there's a great interest in department store history right now, especially with the popular Mr. Selfridge's series on PBS. Paradise is another BBC series but not shown in the US yet.
    I'm also fascinated with life in the department stores too, and I think I would have liked your presentation. I have an old book, Give the Woman What She Wants, the story of Marshall Fields department store, and I really think I should read it now.
    What a great idea, Hot Fudge ice cream puffs! Such a simple but special way to serve dessert. I've saved that.

  3. I would also have loved to hear you speak. I'm sure you bring such enthusiasm.

  4. I am sure you did a wonderful job and it would have been fun to hear. Love the turquoise on you.
    When I was in my early 20's I did collections for Catalina and Cole of California swimwear companies. J.L. Hudson was one of my accounts, so a familiar name to me.

  5. Oh, with your vast knowledge of Hudson's, I'm sure they thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! And I am jealous of your hat! I have been looking for a turquoise hat to photograph for the cover of "Dainty Desserts," but I'm hoping to find one from one of the 20 new stores in the book. ("New" in that they weren't in the other book, I mean.) You know how it warms my heart that you are helping keep department store history alive. Keep up the good work!


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