Thursday, April 4, 2013

An April Fool's Joke

[Photo courtesy of Two Leaves Tea Company]

Remember this dude from my April 2nd post and my "Informative Tidbit" from the press release I received from Two Leaves Tea Company that they were introducing a new product line called "Bud" - a macho tea for dudes???  [The name "Bud" came from the company's original name "Two Leaves and a Bud," but they dropped the phrase "and a bud" in 2012.]

Well call me gullible, because I fell for the press release hook, line and sinker.  I actually thought it was a  great idea and concept!  

Yesterday, I received an E-mail from a company marketing associate setting the record straight, and stating the press release was a goofy April Fool's joke.   She went on to say they did, however, get a lot of people trying to order some of the tea!

Should I take back my kudos to the company for being innovative and progressive?   No, the tea samples they sent were very good, and it's nice to see a company that enjoys some creative fun. But I might not take their press releases too serious in the future, and I definitely won't blog about them!  ;-)

I'm glad April Fool's Day only comes once a year!  Did anyone play an April Fool's joke on you this year?

While I'm on the subject of my April 2nd post, I saw the Gorham dishes, "Polly Put the Kettle On" series [that I also blogged about that day], at a Tuesday Morning store today. They had a large stock of cups and saucers, teapot, cake stand, trays and dessert plates all marked 50% off of their discount price. I wanted to buy several pieces but I resisted.  Look for the multi-colored polka dot containers with rust colored lids, and you'll find the dishes.

What I did purchase at Tuesday Morning was a package of teapot notecards [blank inside].  I know, I already stocked up on the $1 notecards from Michael's and didn't really need anymore, but these are by Punch Studio and have beautiful artistic envelopes. The 10 note package lists for $10 but was $4.99.    

If you have a Tuesday Morning store in your area, you might want to check out these bargains.


  1. Oh, that's funny! I fell for it, too, although I did think "Most all the men I know do drink tea, at least iced tea, all year round." I never even thought about it being an April Fool's joke! Color me gullible, too. Love the teapot notecards, I wish there were a Tuesday Morning close to me, but the next time I'm near one, I'll go in for sure!

  2. April Fools! It seemed quite possible as a new marketing technique to me, as I compared it with the Builder's Tea in England also. Regarding April Fool's jokes... my 10 year old nephew got me... he came home from school and asked if I wanted a Brownie. Of course I did! And in his hand, was a perfectly cut brown paper 'E' that they made in school! A brown-E. Funny! I think he got the whole family on that one at different times throughout the day. Love it!

  3. Oh, that was a good April Fool's joke! And they chose such a handsome dude for the photo. Oh well, all good things must come to an end sometime. Hehe.

    Pretty interesting that the company contacted you! And --- congratulations on having so many readers who tried to order their product because of you! Very cool!

  4. Well it would have been a good idea for a tea geared toward men. No jokes played on me, but did catch my husband in one. Smiling!
    There is a Tuesday Morning here, but I rarely visit it. I might just have to head over there soon. Nice finds!

  5. Hi LaDonna! The inquiries were in response to their press release overall, but not necessarily from my blog. I don't know if my blog generated any comments to the company.
    Hugs, Phyllis

  6. Well my goodness, it never dawned on me that was a joke -- and I am VERY suspicious and always on high alert on April Fool's Day. Yet it didn't strike me as a joke either because *tea marketed to men* is actually a great idea! Maybe I'll create some blends myself and market them that way. "He who laughs last, laughs best," as the old saying goes. ;)


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