Friday, April 19, 2013

A Wonderful Postal Delivery

Isn't it fun to receive a package in the mail?  I experienced that fun yesterday when I opened my front door and found a package sitting by the doorstep.

One of the nicest highlights that comes from blogging is the friendships that are formed. Fellow blogger and tea lover, Nancy, of Two Cottages And Tea has become one of those friends.  We're both Michigan residents, but Nancy is from the upper peninsula and I live in the lower peninsula.

We had hoped to meet in person when Nancy was recently passing through the lower peninsula on her way home from Florida, but circumstances prevented it.  So now we're hoping to meet sometime this summer - over tea, of course!

The package the postman delivered was from Nancy, and it was so nice I just had to share it. When the brown paper was removed, a lovely box was revealed.

Inside the box were several wonderful gifts.  First, a red transferware demitasse cup from England.  Nancy said she often uses demi cups for lemon curd, jam, or clotted cream at her teas.  What a great  idea, and I told Nancy she gets the credit for starting me on another collection. I went on E-bay and ordered a second one!  They will be perfect for tea time with the "Grands" too!

Next was an adorable book in the Holly Pond Hill series, "You Put a Smile in My Heart," illustrated by Susan Wheeler.  I really like the Holly Pond Hill tea-themed cards that Susan Wheeler illustrates, so I knew I would enjoy the book.  It is filled with lovely poems and quotes such as:  "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot help but keep it for themselves." ~ Sir James Barrie

Some cute illustrations...

I wonder if Susan was inspired by Beatrix Potter??

Also in the box was a Punch Studio card.  Don't you love their cards?  And a tin of Strawberry-Kiwi tisane from Hanna's Tea Time, in Ishpeming, MI.  My caffeine intake has recently been restricted, so the tisane is perfect!

The complete package.

I made myself a mug of the tisane to sip while I was typing this post.  It's delicious!  Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts, Nancy.  You made my day!


  1. I"m so glad you like the gifts, Phyllis. A lovely post!

  2. What a very thoughtful gift. I would have loved finding this at my door. The book especially caught my attention as I love Beatrix Potter and it is so much like her art. You know I would love the transferware cup too. Enjoy your tea and a sit down this weekend with your special treasures.

  3. What a delightful gift from Nancy and I too like the idea of using a demitasse for lemon curd or jam - why didn't we think of this before!
    Enjoy your book, tea and other goodies and I hope you two do get to meet.

  4. What generous people our blog friends are! And there's nothing quite like a surprise postal delivery from a friend!

  5. Yes, blog friends are the best! And I know you have long been so generous yourself, I'm not at all surprised to see such generosity coming back to you!


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