Friday, March 22, 2013


While I'm not feeling up to resuming my blogging on a full-time basis yet, I wanted to provide you with an update.

Thanks so much to everyone for your get well comments and e-mails. I am gradually making progress and beginning to heal from surgery.

I had the sweetest hospital roommate named, Choysen, from Beijing, China.  She was 14 years my senior, and a tiny 4' 10" lady.  She looked like a little china doll laying in her bed.   I knew I was going to like her even before I saw her, when I heard her daughter call room service on the other side of the curtain, and order a pot of hot water so she could make her mom some tea!  Choysen later told me she came to the United States 20 years ago and her two favorite things were tea and rice.

Laura Childs sent me a copy of her book, "Sweet Tea Revenge" to review, and I hope to get it read during my recovery period.  Watch for the review on my blog.

Another package that welcomed me home from the hospital was from one of my sweet readers, Sarah, in Biloxi, Mississippi.  She sent me a cookbook from The Glass Slipper Tea Cottage, which Angela recently blogged about at Tea With Friends.  I'm really looking forward to trying some of the recipes and sharing them on my blog when I'm fully recovered.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness, Sarah!

My hospital stay was brief.  I checked into the hospital at 5:30 a.m. last Tuesday and had a two hour surgery at 7:30 a.m.  At 10:30 that evening they woke me up to start walking in the halls. "SERIOUSLY?" was the thought/question that ran through my mind! ;-)  My hospital paperwork [which obviously needs updating] said the stay for my procedure is usually 3-5 days, but I was in and out within 31 hours.  But that's okay because I like my own house, bed, nightgown, and tea better than their's anyway! ;-)

My hubby has been a great nurse and my sweet daughter brought over wonderful comfort food.  I spent yesterday laying in bed watching the Food Network Channel [when I wasn't sleeping]. Ina Garten made some yummy looking cheddar-dill scones, and a carrot/pineapple salad which would be great for tea time. Check out the recipes at Food Network.


  1. I'm so glad things went well for you, Phyllis. I've been praying for you. I hope your recovery continues ahead of schedule!

  2. IM glad you are feeling better, wishing you a speedy recovery. I will continue to pray for you.

  3. So happy for the update. Healing prayers sent your way!

  4. Sending you thoughts of a speedy recovery!

  5. I was so glad to see your update this morning, and I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly, with lots of tea along the way! You are in my prayers.

  6. Best wishes for a quick recovery. I got hooked on the Food Network while recovering from my shoulder surgery.

  7. Hello Phyllis
    Glad you're home and on the mend now. You'll love the new Laura Childs book - as good as the others and yummy recipes in the back.

  8. Adding my wishes for a quick recovery too, Phyllis. Yes, there's no place like home. And how nice to have a "project", reviewing Laura's book to keep you occupied.
    I met up with Marilyn & Jim Miller yesterday when they came to see me at the fashion show in Port Townsend, WA, and later dinner at a Thai restaurant. I mentioned I was woefully behind in reading blogs, so I'm glad I checked today and came across yours.
    Chin up & cheerio!

  9. So happy to hear you are on the recovery side of surgery. Enjoy all the pampering and special treatments. Take care~


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