Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Day of Baking and Decorating Cookies

You may remember the post I wrote about the teapot cookie cutter I got at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago.   It's  been sitting on my kitchen counter patiently waiting to be used, so yesterday was the day!   It's a Robert Gordon cutter from Australia, and I like it very much.  

I'm going to be having a very special tea party later this week [which I'll definitely be blogging about], so that's what motivated me to bake a batch of sugar cookies and decorate them.   I forgot that making cookies means spending an entire day in the kitchen, but the end result was worth it. 

I took a class in cookie decorating and assembling cookie bouquets in 2005, and made several bouquets for centerpieces at a ladies' spring tea at my church. I must have I burned myself out, because these are the first decorated cookies I've made since then!  I wondered if I'd remember the techniques, but it all came back to me.  

Cookies cooling from the oven.

Outlined cookies.

Finished painted cookies.

While I was at it, I decided to make some teacup cookies to go with the teapots.

And since it's almost St. Patrick's Day, some Shamrock cookies too.

I think these will be perfect for a tea party!

*  *  *

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  1. Dear Phyllis,
    How beautiful are your cookies. You are talented to make them looks so perfect!!!! They are so appealing and I bet delicious too.

  2. I love your cookies. They are so pretty, and I can just imagine how good your kitchen smelled duing the baking.

  3. My goodness Phyllis, you are good! Your outlining is smooth, and I know the work involved. It took me all day to do my shamrock sugar cookies plus a few butterflies. I like the cookies from your new cutter and the teapots look pretty decorated.

  4. You are really something! Wow! What fabulous cookies! I always want to do this, but never get to it. You have done them so well. They will be very much enjoyed I am sure!
    Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes!

  5. I love the teapot-cookies! I enjoyed all the pictures very much xxx

  6. How wonderful! I love your cookies. I don't do the cut outs much anymore...maybe I need to get back to that! Those are outstanding! I have the shamrock and teapot cutter, but not the tea cup. Thanks for sharing your goodies and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Your teapot and cup cookies are beautiful! Have a great party.

  8. Adorable, and PERFECT for a tea party! I will look forward to reading all about it. Hugs!

  9. Oh, Phyllis, I should take classes from YOU -- your cookies are simply smashing! I especially love the little touch of the flower at the top of the teapot cookies. And I must tell you, ever since you showed this cookie cutter, I have been checking every HomeGoods/T.J. Maxx in the Atlanta area for one. Seriously, I've been to about 10 different stores and no one has the cookie cutter! (I have a small one just like it, but I think the larger size cookies would be easier to decorate.) Oh well, headed to Florida shortly and I will be checking out the HomeGoods/T.J. Maxx stores along the way!

  10. Hi Phyllis, I wish I was invited to your party! Mmmm. I love to make the molded sugar cookies, the ones you press into the mold before you bake them. Ths children and I then would paint them with cream food colouring using little paint brushes. It's been a while since I made those. Now you've inspired me for Easter. I think I'll paint cookies again. :)

  11. Oh my Phyllis, what gorgeous cookies. I have a teapot cookie cutter, but not a teacup one. How I'd love I cookie with my cup of tea.

  12. Hi Phyllis,
    Your tea cookies are adorable and sure to bring a smile to everyone's face! Cute as can be! Thank you for sharing and coming to tea.


  13. Wow, you have been busy! Your cookies are beautiful and so professional looking. I love your new teapot cookie cutter, pretty enough to display! Looking forward to seeing your tea party! Happy St. Patrick's day to you!

  14. Pass the cookies please! These look very professional and lovely n- everyone will love your tea party! Thank you for linking to Friends Sharing Tea!

  15. Your cookies are just beautiful! Good job! I don't often find the patience to do all the intricate decorating. Love the polka dot teapot.


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