Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Ladies' Spring Tea - Hats!

Every year as spring approaches, my mind turns to a theme for our Annual Ladies' Spring Tea at church.   I booked the same facility as last year - Sycamore Hills Golf Club.  The tea will be held on May 11th [the day before Mother's Day].

Since a publicity flier/insert will be going in next Sunday's bulletin, I had to focus my attention yesterday on determining a theme.  For inspiration I got out all my Tea Time magazines from the current March/April 2013 issue, all the way back to the fall 2003 premier issue.  These magazines are chock-full of gorgeous photos, recipes, articles, and great ideas.  I have every  issue, and wouldn't part with one.  This year is their 10th anniversary.

I didn't have to search long before an idea began to form - "Hats off to Spring!"

[Pinterest Photo]

I'm envisioning hat centerpieces, hat desserts, a hat/bonnet/veil/fascinator contest [in person as well as photos], a little history about hats, and people we think of who wore, or currently wear them.  For example, who could forget the Grand Ole Opry comedian, Minnie Pearl, with the price tag dangling from her hat? Or more recently, Aretha Franklin, who sang at President O'Bama's 2009 inauguration, and her hat catapulted the designer's business into world-wide fame.  [He's from the Detroit-Metro area.]

Do you wear a hat when you go to tea?  Church - especially on Easter Sunday?  A wedding?  I used to wear them to church when they were in style, and occasionally wear them to tea now. The photo below was at Tea Time Magazine's 2008 An Occasion for Tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. [That's me in the back row, black hat.]

I love how hats have never lost their appeal among many British women, and especially the Royal women.  Rarely is the Queen or Duchess of Cambridge seen in public without a lovely hat on.  It's part of their outfit.

[Internet Photo]

In the United States, hats are very popular with African/American women, especially when they go to church.  They are, in fact, referred to as "church hats."   The photo below was taken at a tea party.  Both ladies are wearing hats created by Luke Song [the milliner who designed Aretha Franklin's hat].

Who or what comes to mind when you think of hats?

Would you wear a hat if they came back into style, full-swing?

It will be a fun theme, and my mind is spinning with ideas for developing it.   If you have any ideas or comments to share about hats I'd love to hear them.


  1. I just adore hats!! I would wear one every day if I could get away with it! I have a beautiful collection for my tea parties. Making those cookies are fun! Happy Tea day!

  2. I think that's a wonderful theme! I have a couple of vintage hats that I enjoy wearing for special occasions (like tea parties) although I can only enjoy them for short periods of time - then they start to bother me. An hour or two at a time, though, I love them! The hat cookies look like great fun, too. You are so creative, I can't wait to see pictures from your tea this year.

  3. Oh, yes, I would absolutely wear one! I do sometimes wear them at tea, and if I had a big, fluffy, Scarlett-O'Hara-style hat I'd probably wear one a lot!

  4. I love your idea for the mother's day tea. I would love it if hats came back into style. I don't like big floppy hats, but I love little hats... the little pillbox hats from the 50's-60's and the small flat flowery headpieces that just perched on the head ( do you know what I mean?) without smashing all the hair.

  5. Oh I just love the theme you have chosen.
    No hats for church or tea for me. I wore hats
    back in the 1960's to church. Now my hats are
    only for keeping the sun or the rain off my head, or for keeping my ears warm in the winter.

  6. Sounds like a great idea, and I do wish hats would come back into fashion. I have a black, and a cream one to wear for special teas.
    I'm also going to a high tea in May with friends, one we're to dress up for and wear our hats.


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