Saturday, November 2, 2019

Welcome November!

It's hard to believe we've entered November already.  Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is on the horizon.

Today is very 'fallish' in southeastern Michigan with a temperature of 44 degrees.  The rain that soaked Thursday's trick-or-treaters has subsided and the sun is actually peaking through as I type this post.

I debated about going to the Michigan Depression Glass Society's annual show today, but decided to pass this year.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Blakes' Apple Orchard truck parked in front of my local Kroger supermarket.  My church is scheduled to have our annual Harvest Festival at Blakes' orchard tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get some pics to share.

As you may recall, I did a presentation about the Wizard of Oz in August to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the release of the 1939 motion picture.  

While Judy Garland was the star of the movie, her canine co-star was, Toto, the female cairn terrier, whose real name was Terry before the movie came out. Toto was actually in more scenes than Judy. 

I ordered the book, I, Toto, written in 2001 by Willard Carroll, but it didn't arrive until my presentation was over.   Today I bought a plush toy Toto in a basket for half-price at Target. Both book and Toto are great props if I should ever do a Wizard of Oz presentation again.  If not, I'll give them to granddaughter, Ellie.

The Toto book is adorable.  The author has the largest private collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia [which, of course, includes Toto], and he co-founded the National Oz Museum in Maine. Toto's autobiography is conveyed through a scrapbook Carl Spitz compiled [Toto's owner as well as Hollywood's foremost Dog Trainer in the 1930's and 40's].  It's written as though Toto is telling her life story.

 Judy Garland was 16 years old when she portrayed Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz. 

My hubby and I recently went to see the movie, Judy, portrayed by Renée Zellweger.  Renée did a great job, but it was so sad to see how MGM abused Judy Garland as a young teenager by giving her drugs to make her sleep, to wake her up, and to control her appetite, predisposing her to drug addiction and a life of self-destruction.  She chased after the rainbow without ever finding true love and happiness in her short 47 years of life. It wasn't a heart warming movie, but it was true to her life's story.  I was glad to leave Hollywood behind at the theater when the movie ended.  

Have you begun watching the Hallmark Christmas movies yet?  They are guaranteed to have a happy ending with a romantic kiss!  ;-)

My sweet tea friend, Nancy, from the Upper Peninsula, sent me a Wild Huckleberry Scone mix and tea bags quite a while ago.  They got hid behind other things in my pantry and I almost forgot about them until recently.  Fortunately they're still good through May 2021.  

Today was the perfect day for making them, and my hubby pronounced them yummy!  I'm having mine in the office while watching Hallmark's Once Upon a Christmas Miracle.  What goes better with a Christmas movie than tea and scones!  Thank you, Nancy!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight - 'fall back'!


  1. Your welcome Phyllis! I am glad you and Jerry liked the scones! Hoping you are having a good autumn season!

  2. I think tea and scones are the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas movie. Or any kind of movie!


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