Thursday, July 14, 2016

Unique Tea Strainer

I rarely go on Ebay anymore because I already have enough "stuff," but I accidentally stumbled upon a unique tea strainer recently that I couldn't resist.  It was only $6.99 plus $2.54 shipping, so for less than $10 I now have a new tea accoutrement.

It was described as a 'swivel' tea strainer.  Ever heard of or seen one before?

The handle is silver plate in the Vintage Floral Reposse pattern.

Have you found any new tea treasures lately?


  1. That is a super neat (and thrifty) found treasure you found there, ma'am! Well done! :- )

  2. The day I met Angela McRae for tea, they used some kind of swiveling strainer, but it wasn't exactly like this one. (I think) The silver plate handle makes this one extra special, I'm glad you found it.

  3. I love your strainer! Now I have something else to peruse Ebay in search of LOL. I really like it; it is so pretty!

  4. I haven't bought any unusual tea things lately, but I did read somewhere recently about "mote spoons" (to strain the tea leaves from your teacup), so now I have something new to look for!

  5. Now that's a style I've never seen before, so ... great find! And no, my tea scouting has been terrible lately! Nothing from antique stores, thrift stores, not even T.J. Maxx. I'm starting to wonder if I need to take my tea radar in for repairs … ;)


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