Monday, July 11, 2016

Garage Sale Time

My street's annual garage sale was last Friday and Saturday.  I haven't participated in a couple of years because the timing wasn't right, but I was able to participate this year.

Jerry and our youngest son set the tent up over our driveway when he and his family were here over the 4th of July.  Then I got busy sorting and pricing items for the sale.

We began placing tables under the tent at 7:30 a.m. on Friday morning in readiness for the sale. The sale wasn't scheduled to start until 10:00 a.m., but people came much earlier. Our residential street is off a busy main street, so we have good visibility and good traffic.  

It was very hot and humid on Friday, and sweat literally rolled down my face while I worked in the garage.   True garage salers come regardless of the weather. 

Below is Allura, the little girl across the street who is the same age as our granddaughter, Isabella. Jerry told her she could set up a lemonade stand under one of the wings of our tent. She opted to sell chilled bottles of water instead, along with some of her books. Her waters sold quickly on Friday, and she happily made over $20 - a budding entrepreneur!  ;-)

While everyone was hoping for rain [our visibly parched grass attests to the drought], Mother Nature held off during the daytime when the garage sales were in progress, but gave us much needed rain both nights.

I emptied nine storage totes and five large boxes of "stuff" for the sale, but still have more sorting to do in the basement, so there'll probably be another garage sale yet this summer.

Most everything went in this sale, so I was not only pleased with my profits, but the purging as well.  Have you had a garage sale this summer?


  1. Neighborhood garage sales are such a good idea. They draw people to the area and you get lots of "foot traffic." I would love to have come to your sale!

  2. I would have liked to peruse your sale Phyllis and you did well with the amount of totes emptied. We have been purging our basement too but unfortunately without profit - many boxes to the Bibles for Missions thrift store and donations to community groups. We have a fair bit of family silver trays etc. but no-one seems to want it.

  3. Dear Phyllis:
    Our entire subdivision had a sale in May as it does each year. We had just moved into our house in March but had some stuff from the redoing so yes - we got rid of some stuff too!


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