Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tea for Tuition

My hubby is a school board member for Warren Woods Public Schools.  Once a year they hold a fundraiser dinner to benefit Warren Woods Foundation for Educational Excellence. A week ago, [April 20th] they held their 30th annual dinner, and we attended.  There were lots of silent auction items, but unfortunately I didn't win any.

I was lucky, however, because seated at our table was the attorney for the school district, and his lovely wife, Dona, who I discovered is a tea lover.  Her husband said she's either drinking tea, just finished drinking tea, or is preparing a cup of tea!  Needless to say, we hit it off perfectly.

The Sunday before [April 17] Dona had participated in Mercy High School's 'Tea for Tuition'. Dona graduated from Mercy High School [Farmington Hills, MI], so she volunteered to decorate and host a table. Her photos were so beautiful I asked permission to share them with you.

~ Dona [left] and Me ~

Owning a lady's bust garden sculpture [a gift from her mother-in-law previously], she used it as her centerpiece.  I like that she placed it off-center instead of in the center so it didn't obstruct anyone's view.  Isn't it lovely?  She'll be hosting a Mother's Day brunch at her home and plans to use it again for that.

A nice idea to offer iced tea as well as hot tea.

Isn't Dona's china beautiful?  The pattern is Victorian Violets by Hammersley.  She even has a water pitcher and glasses to match.

Unbeknownst to her beforehand, the printed menu coordinated with her orchid color scheme.

~ The tea served was from Simpson and Vale ~

We not only enjoyed talking about tea throughout our meal, but J.L. Hudson's Department Store as well. Dona remembered eating at Hudson's several times, and told me about two items on the children's menu. 

It was delightful meeting Dona and sharing the evening with her.  I hope we have the opportunity to meet again over tea.


  1. That sounds like my kind of fundraiser, and I'm in love with Dona's china! I think violets may be my favorite flower, and I have picked up a few pieces of china with violets along the way, but to have a complete set is a dream! Thank you both for sharing these pictures.

  2. It's nice to see afternoon tea fundraisers are becoming popular.

  3. I love how tea continues to bring people together, and your new friend's tea table was absolutely beautiful! I see roses used much more often than violets, but this makes me want to pull out my violet pieces and see what I can do!


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