Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Enjoying Tea With Friends

Yesterday I traveled to a city near my childhood stomping grounds to meet a group of Jr. and Sr. High girlfriends for dinner.  The restaurant varies every month, but this month's location was Macy's [located in a former J.L. Hudson's store] in Southland Mall, Taylor, MI. That particular location was selected because everyone was hungry for a Hudson's Maurice Salad.

Our waitress brought a tableside box of China Mist tea for me to choose from.  I selected Organic Earl Grey, which was very good.  I don't usually drink tea at 5:30 in the afternoon, but fortunately it didn't keep me awake last night.

All eight of us ordered a Maurice Salad, but I ordered a "starter" which is luncheon size accompanied by a cup of soup.  I chose Hudson's popular Canadian Cheese soup.  

I had already begun eating when it occurred to me I hadn't taken a picture - hence my somewhat messy 'cup' [really a bowl] of soup.

Some of the girls finished their meal with a hot fudge ice cream puff, and I wanted one too, but since I'm trying to shed some pounds I resisted temptation.  When we were all finished eating our waitress took our picture.  Only one in our 'circle of friends' was unable to make it. After the passage of almost 51 years since we graduated from high school, we're very happy to still be connected.  The two gals at the far end of the table were in my wedding. Elaine [left] was a bridesmaid, and Sandy [right] was my maid of honor.

And speaking of J.L. Hudson's... I'm off to WBRW TV Station this morning to take them a chocolate mound cakes as a thank you for the filming of the J.L. Hudson's TV show last month.


  1. Is that a homemade bumpy cake? If it is it looks delicious :-)

  2. What fun! I get together with some of my high school friends every few months for lunch, we always have a good time.


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