Monday, December 29, 2014

Using My Barnes and Noble Gift Card

For Christmas I received two Barnes and Noble gift cards, so last Friday I paid a visit to the bookstore.  I love it there and could stay for hours.  

I purchased Victoria Classics Tea Pleasures, and the January/February 2015 issue of Tea Time magazine.

Scanning through Tea Pleasures I was delighted to find an article on pages 101-104 about Greentree Antiques and Tea Room in Lexington, Kentucky.  I had the pleasure of having tea there this past March when good friend, Linda J., coordinated a Kentucky Tea Tour.

Below are two pictures from my photo album that are almost identical to those in the magazine.

I have great memories of that day.  Below is our group standing on the steps of the tea room.

Back to Barnes and Noble... I couldn't pass up the bargain priced book about Julia Child that was originally $28.95 marked down to $6.98.   I already have three other books about Julia, plus her cookbooks.  I'd love to do a theme tea about her sometime.

Julia loved tea, and the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company wrote an article about her in "The Daily Tea" [an on-line publication] on December 14th of this month.  Julia and Paul Child purchased their teas from the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company.  Their favorites were China Keemun, China Jasmine, Lapsang Souchong, Cherricup Ceylon, and HU-KWA [a delicately smoked lapsang souchong from Formosa].

I'm planning a trip to Washington D.C. this spring, and seeing Julia's Cambridge, Massachusetts kitchen permanently displayed at the Smithsonian is on my agenda.  Have any of you seen it?

Tea Treasures also featured Afternoon Tea at Peacock Alley in Washington D.C.'s Willard Hotel.  I added that to my list of places to go too.

A few fun tea trips are lined up for 2015, and I'm off to get my passport photo taken.


  1. Great choices for a tea lover! Have not seen the kitchen...was last at the Smithsonian about 25 years ago!

  2. I've never seen the kitchen either. Oh, what a wonderful Barnes and Noble trip you had. Great choices! I've got a bookstore gift card for Christmas too and I can't wait to go. It's my favourite place to be. :)

  3. Yes, I have seen the kitchen. And, I am so happy to see Greentree Tea Room featured in Tea Pleasures.

  4. Very nice to see a place featured in a magazine that you've visited.

  5. Great books and magazines, and it sounds like you'll continue to have fun in 21015. Do let me know if you get to TN or GA -or NC. (Asheville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Atlanta are all about 2hours away from me.)

  6. I have slowly been catching up on blog posts I missed around the end of the year, so I was happy to arrive at this one, because I knew (from Linda) that I had missed your post about seeing Greentree in the new magazine. It showed me that, as always, I really cannot afford to miss a blog post by you, as I am bound to miss something important! ;)


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