Friday, September 26, 2014

Afternoon Tea at Hotel du Pont

Two friends suggested we put Hotel du Pont's Afternoon Tea on our trip itinerary, and we're so glad we took their suggestion.  [Thanks Nancy and Mary Jane!]  Hotel teas are in a league of their own - elegant and high style. 

Hotel du Pont was built in 1913 as a prestigious, world-class hotel. It has retained its beauty and charm for 101 years. 

We arrived at the valet entrance a few minutes before 3:00 o'clock with great anticipation.

Exterior window promoting the hotel's Afternoon Tea service.  Notice the lady's hat at the right?

Beautiful hotel lobby.

The luxurious Green Room is the hotel's dining room, and where Afternoon Tea is served. In 1955 Prince Rainier III of Monaco dined here with Grace Kelly.

A lady we met on our trip said we reminded her of the Golden Girls - not quite the style we were trying to emulate, and I didn't ask which Golden Girl I might be! ;-)

[L-R:  Me, Barb, Lori, and Linda]

We were seated at a corner table by windows.

 The Afternoon Tea menu [which we got to keep]. 

I selected Red Fruit black tea.  A delicious mixture of delicate black tea and robust flavors derived from whole cherries, cranberries and red raspberries.

Below is our server, Mr. Lang. 

~ Savories ~
Top tier:  Shrimp Salad on toasted Wheat round with Bibb Lettuce and Tomato.  Middle tier: Truffled Egg Salad with Endive on Toasted Wheat triangles; and  Raspberry Devonshire Cream on toasted Rye squares, garnished with Greens and Blackberry.  Bottom tier:  Sliced Radishes with creamy Horseradish on top of sliced Cucumbers on toasted White rectangle; and Marinated Chicken and Pecan Salad with Bibb Lettuce on toasted White rectangle.

~ Scones and Desserts ~

Classic Cream Currant Scone and Treacle Scone with Jam and Cream.

Desserts:  Chocolate Truffle Gateau Slice; Blueberry Almond Financier; Petite Pecan Diamond; Raspberry Almond Frangipane Tart; Fruit Mousse Chocolate Cup; and Chocolate Dipped Macaroon.   Everything tasted as good as it looks.

~ Barb ~

~ Lori ~

~ Linda ~

~ Me ~

As we were finishing up our Afternoon Tea, the staff was setting the dining room tables for dinner. Their china is beautiful.

From the dining room we went to the hotel gift shop.  In the hall was a display window advertising the Downton Abbey Costume Exhibit.

I purchased a book about Hotel du Pont, and a tin of their Centennial Tea, blended by Ronnefeldt, in Germany.  It's a black tea with Babaco fruit flavor, Pineapple, Papaya, Rose Petals, Sunflower Petals, and Cornflowers.  The pineapple symbolizes Hotel du Pont's commitment for hospitality for 100 years.

The photo on the tea canister is of the Ladies' Hat Shop that was once located in the hotel.

One of the valets took a picture of Lori and me just before we left.

The next and final post of our fabulous trip will be day #5 - A Downton Abbey Buffet Tea at Winterthur.


  1. Lovely place for tea! I too love hotel teas...they have such an elegance. You ladies looked lovely and the menu and ambiance...perfect!

  2. What a fine hotel tea you had! And, I must say you all look far more "Downton Abbey" than "Golden Girls"!

  3. What a beautiful group of ladies. All very elegant and the DuPont looks like the perfect place for afternoon tea. Such old world charm and elegance. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.


  4. Just lovely -the setting, the tea, the food, and the ladies who enjoyed it!


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